Dog Lovers, check this out


I have been mourning Arlo for about a month and i ran into this guys…i was looking for a full blooded bullmastiff and i found this amazing mix!
This boy is 10 weeks old , the father is a Cane Corso and the mother is a bullmastiff…Jesus Christ that is an amazing mix.
This boy is 11 weeks old , mother and father are bullmastiff…look at the father:
I know John is crazy about dogs, which you one like?


I would pick the 10 week old (top one)


I like jus dark fur more


Half cane Corso half bullmastiff…that is amazing, he is gonna be incredible


I like corso’s






Hahaaa…yes my friend. When it comes to dogs I’m a sucker too.



Lord Jesus Christ they are awesome Apache and Kiowa


Its a nice lookin family you got there.


This is Noah, he is a pocket bully American pitbull with champion blood line( my 1st dog with papers). He would like to say hi to the forum

This is Tank, his father

and this is Sandy , the mother




Handsome little fellow ya got there.


Thanks brother