Do you still use a product from sponsor in the red?


It’s been a hot topic on the forum lately about issues with gear and health issues…
So do you use gear from sponsors in the “red”? If you do why? If you don’t why?
Im not putting anybody out there but I am curious about what your thoughts are about using gear from sponsors that are in question!
Are you okay with ordering from a sponsor whos avatar has a yellow dot next to it?


I don’t look back because I ain’t headed that way. Next.


Never. We have way too many legitimate options to even risk it.


If I had not used the product yet, I would scrap it but if I had already been on it for a few weeks with no issues i think i would finish it out. No way would I order anything else or try a new product from said sponsor.


I like this response because that’s what im looking for as far as a response from our community!
I think most of us probably know who im talking about and most of us probably have stock in this sponsor…
So @Gingerlifter if you had no negative responses, or negative issues with said sponsor you would continue using the gear regardless of what other close members of a community are saying?


Well I’m 5 weeks in on a product right now and I’ve have no issues and great results so I will be continuing it for the full cycle. Like I said though I wouldn’t start something new. Nor would I order against the advice of my fellow brothers here. When i ordered my stuff everything was still in good standing.


I like your response… right to the point. Trust the process


?.. werent you one of the people that couldnt walk 2 weeks ago after he “fixed” his batch of dhb claiming it wouldnt have the pip issue?


Sounds familiar.


Anything I had was thrown in the shit can, including any orals.

Rule #1- When in doubt, throw it out.


Rule #2- If source cant even label it properly and makes up a drug, hes probably not smart enough to make the product inside.

(There is no such thing as EQ cyp)


Thats bullshit… I even knew a source that sold it so it has to exist.


@Gingerlifter and @josh,

I am giving this subject a very hard time but brothers I care about your safety. Is it really worth the risk? Is the $ loss really that important?

Those are rhetorical questions. I just want you to really think about your personal health. Something is very wrong from the source you are talking about and just because one week or even 5 week doesn’t cause any issues does not mean that you are in the clear. If you have seen all the complaints our admin has seen you wouldn’t even give this source a second thought.

Food for thought.


This wasn’t a concern before but im sure the right person read my concern


I had a good run with his anadrol and cialis but because of all the issues I just made the personal decision to round file anything I had remaining from this source… call it a risk mitigation tactical maneuver.


See I didn’t have any thing from the IJL anadrol? First time use? Idk I dropped it…


I read it on the internet so it’s got to be true :joy::joy::joy::joy::metal:t2:


Oh shit… now you guys are in trouble, here comes the big gun! Speak your mind phd!


Like beating a dead horse lol.


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