Do something good with what your are good at



Hey guys and gals,

Do you like lifting for high rep’s and heavy weight? I ask you to put your special skills to good use for someone other than you and be part of Real Weights for Real Heroes: Semper Fi Fund.

I will not go into all the details but if you have the time google it. If you have the energy participate in it and if you have the money become a donor.

As of this writing the fund has raised $1.5 million for our veterans.

Thanks for reading.


Im interested brother


I hope that this is the correct link
Remember no links unless staff or sponsor


If you cannot find an event in your local area and want to actively participate one can always head up organizing one.

We all have busy lives and if you just don’t have the time to put into it consider sponsoring or donating. Ya’ll work hard for your money and there are so many organizations wanting some of it so if you can give please consider giving to an organization that is tied to what we all love to do.

You can even shop from vendors who donate a portion of the sale to the organization. The link @Bigmurph is a primary site and if you click the menu bar you can go to ‘shop’ and see a list of vendors.


Thats friggin awesome man! Def gonna see if theres any that are close enough to participate in if not ill def be donating!