Do not be like me


I love this forum and all the brothers here so am gonna share something that might help you.
Last November i found a source in another forum and i liked him so much, i started buying from him and talking and talking and talking…i thought we developed amazing levels of friendship, i truly admire him so young and about becoming pro; sent me pics and i was happy for him, i sent him presents from the place i own…some little pretty items we work with. Professional speaking, he was kind of funny…it would take extremely long to get the stuff, great quality though ( got plenty blood work done), i never cared i liked him so much; exchanged lots of PERSONAL INFORMATION. My whole life i have always been naive …His lack of professionalism, specially on delivery time got worse and worse…I kept believing in him and bought even more , come’on…let’s be honest that is just stupid. He never answer again after sending money for 2 kits of hgh, never answered e mails or wickr or pm’s on that forum. i couldn’t formally complain cause he knows where and how i work and he knows that for a person in my position the use of steroids will have serious consequences if known by the authorities above me…I lost the money, which truly i do not care and i also lost a friend i a very painful mamnner


It’s nothing bad, what happened is just life. We should always give some credit to the other person, but how they will behave? who knows? A man learns on his own mistakes but becoming more tough we become lonely. Money is only paper but karma always comes back, someone earned and someone lost money, believe me, somewhere are good people in the world. Head up bro… but I think you should pm to admin and say who is this for avoid any troubles to the others :slight_smile:


Thanks for the encouragement beloved…the real truth is that in my heart I am a little kid…if you say you are my friend I will give you my life. I lost a friend and I miss him


… he wasn’t true friend


Sorry to hear Pastor. Its so hard anymore to know who to trust and who not to trust in this business. I hesitant to say this but I believe his intention were not true from the get go. I hope still hope all things work out for the best.


I have to get this off my chest. I learned some hard lessons later on in life than I should of because of this world becoming so small related to the web. Ok fine, learn from it and your Golden! These lessons were mostly monetary. I was one of those guys that would of lived 6 to a 1 bedroom in Venice, CA. Train at Golds, I always said that would have been my true spirit, 1974 in Cali…See to me w/o stuff like this web, my focus was easy. A few really tight to this day friends and family. Even family will step on some for money, sad. Where I am from(and i am not a tough guy, enforcer or anything near that) if someone did screw you monetary or something that hurt, it was known and if it wasnt rectified then I had the choice of hey 500 bucks is a small price to pay to know the true colors of this person ,etc. OR(and I regret choosing OR one too many times) the individual feel hurt. Thats what is really was , I was hurt by how can a buddy or friend do that. That was many moons ago. No way to do that now, so always forced to say well,I learned my lesson. By the 3rd or force lesson its like WTF IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE!..But really what is wrong or different about me,why is this happening. Your not alone,which for me helps with a lot of adversity. The human condition how sweet she is.


sorry for your loss and sorry i didnt reply earlier .its a sad time when we get ripped of ,just try to learn from it ,know its a cliche but i try learn from all my mistakes .even when i get ripped off again ,at the end of the day brother it doesnt change who you are ,and you are a special person ,the comfort and fellowship you share humbles me .compasion is the currency in heaven brother and you have more than any bank can hold ,keep your chin up god bless


God bless you and your family as well beloved