Dillon John Williamson Arrested By US Marshals


Dillon John Williamson was arrested on June 5th by US Marshals Office in Orlando.

You can see him here:

And a few other things online. Apparently he was very flashy on social media, bragging about how much money he made and selling steroids thru facebook.

This is why I tell people to not be so flashy on social media. Yes the feds do watch things and messages monitored. Having a fake profile is useless if 1 person on your contact list knows who you are in real life.


This is just crazy
I read these posts and I just can’t comprehend how or why these guys think that any of social media would be a safe platform to do illegal activity.
I watch the news and see that they catch these younger guys because they pozt piles of money guns and basically give a recorded confession and they believe that there untouchable.
Even now its worse because its all over the news that all these companies are leaking all your private information that they steal from you to sell to other companies. They also take and give all that information to LE also.
I will just never understand