Detoxing before starting a cycle or high protein diet


First we should ask ourselves if it is even necessary to ‘detox’ … and the answer is not so simple as many will and do say that the liver ‘detoxes’ us … that is a yes and no … depending on what you eat the liver can’t and doesn’t handle everything that you put in your mouth ;- ) for those of us, who are not running around at sub 10% body fat, we have toxins stored in our fat cells … ( I ll get more technical later) …suffice it to say that all the nasty food and beverages we injest end up depositing equally nasty compounds in our fat cells.

So detoxing in the truest sense is done by the liver… we still need to get rid of what’s being stored.

The second point is the debate between detox ‘diets’ ‘tonics’ and fasting … Fasting truly is detoxing … and when I say fasting I mean nothing but water for days … I have been told, since I don’t have the balls (physically and mentally) to spend any length of time with out food, that it is a rather spiritual path as well as a way to really empty out those fat cells … if you want to know more about fasting I refer you to our resident funny guy ED …Yes, that’s right ED fasts despite my attempts to get him to try yoga :wink:

So on to what I do for detoxing … (more to come :wink:

Lemon water or Green tea?
You can’t go wrong with either … however, you either need to use fresh lemons OR organic lemon juice
first thing in the morning preferably hot water
Both are great if you need to rehydrate, green tea is packed with anti oxidants which help in disease prevention (take note if you have cancer antioxidants are known to feed the cancer and should be avoided) … aid in digestion and assist the liver in removing toxins.

Now, if you want a ‘super’ tea find yourself some matcha tea which is about 10 cups of green tea. Some of the benefits include lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff) … fat burning through an increase in thermogenisis…

I almost forgot … pink himalayan salt sole (pronounced ‘sol ley’) … to make it you get a mason jar (one that you use for canning) pour about a 1/4 inch of salt in the bottom and fill to the neck of the jar with filtered water. you take a teaspoon !! just a teaspoon and add it to 16 oz of water and drink it … I find it disgusting so I add a bit of organic cider vinegar to it. One because I like cider vinegar and two because cider vinegar has a ton of great health benefits to it … which I will cover in a bit.

On to Food …:wink: when you chose not to ‘fast’ :wink:

Grocery list
keep in mind that anything fresh is going to be organic meat is going to be organic if I can find it at the very least it will be hormone free… (that’s kind of ironic don’t you think :wink:

chicken breast
Fruit … organic
oatmeal whole oats not that microwave stuff full of sugar and chemicals

veges any kind I can get my grubby hands on and lots of them organic if they are fresh and/ or frozen
I go through so many that I usually end up eating bags of frozen brocoli/cauliflower … green beans etc
salad stuff like leafy green lettuce tomatoes cucumbers, peppers, the more color the better…
salad dressing is balsamic vinegar and oil …its important to make sure there is no sugar in it

Some people might argue about the fruit and the fact that it is ‘sugar’ … the body processes fructose differently from sucrose and other refined sugars … I see it as a treat and depending on what it is a good source of fiber :wink:
I like to do this for about two weeks max … and then I start adding proteins back in more meat trade some some of my high fiber carbs for potatoes and rice

NO SUGAR ;-( which means NO coffee … we all know what that means :wink:

NO WHEAT so no bread ;-( ( that makes me very sad)

The only butter that will pass these lips is Kerry Gold butter made with milk from grass fed cows and yes there is a difference
I use coconut oil for cooking

The diet is limited mostly because I don’t like very much AND I am trying to clean out my system and get my body used to clean and free from anything processed … it is easy to fall into the habit of going cheaper on the food, getting ready made meals that look healthy but really aren’t … This isn’t the only detox diet and some would say it isn’t because of the meat but it works for me and it may work for you :wink:


@KodiakGrrl Excellent post. Thank you for sharing.


great post sister


I just finished a detox in prep for my next cycle


Nice @TrenGod.

I detox every two months. Could you please share your specific protocol? You have a vast amount of experience and that goes a lot farther than any amount of scientific rhetoric in my book. Real life trumps the rule of law many times.


If nobody has never tried Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter you have to do put it on your bucket list. It is hard to describe but it is excellent. Don’t forget the soda bread… you won’t regret it.


I actually do a combo. I worked with a combo of what my doc wanted to me to do and what i found worked well. Lately i felt the bloated gh gut. Which i hate. Abs were showing but stomach expanded.

Daily during detox: shot of apple cider vinegar.

2 days. Charcoal tabs in the beginning. Psyllium husk in orange juice for 2 days. During this time water with lime besides the OJ with husks 3 times a day. This just clears my intestine track. Rids any bloat. First two days is hell.

3 -5 days. (Doc put me up to but works). I just did 3 days this time as i had 5 days planned. Just juicing veggies and fruits. All organic.

Now my diet i love but not always possible is mountain dogs diet principals. Lately i had gone off my normal diet so back to his principals while on cycle. But i always cook with coconut oil, look for grass fed beef, cage free eggs, wild salmon, etc. I had my best growth like this.

My bloat was gone and midsection tight by day 3. PHd was helping me while i was pinpointing the problems in my stomach. Hes in contest prep now and will probably be back on board shortly after.

I still have gh and slin left but wont be running them any longer. Everyone knows i can be a little extreme in my dosages and compounds at times. But for now im leaning down for health reasons and most likely will start doing strongman shows and training for fun now.


OMG that butter reminds me of eating butter on crackers when I was a kid… lol. once you use it you won’t go back to regular butter


That sounds like a great combo @TrenGod Have you ever used a Himalayan pink salt solet? you have to be careful with it … too much and you’ll die… but used properly it is a great way to cleanse.


thank you @Pastor


Thanks. I havent used that but will definitely look into it and try it out!


seriously err on the side of being really cautious …lol… I added a table spoon to 18oz of water and was in the bathroom a larger part of the day .


Thanks for taking the time to share. Greatly appreciated.


I never did a detox before and I’m considering doing one in the near future. For those that do, are you still training while detoxing? Or are you taking a break during this time.


Butter on pop-tarts


You are a sick man @swoldier. That is sooooo wrong! :wink:


@siglo69 I detox on a regular basis and never have taken a break so to speak from training. Occasional R&R from weight training I do but I have not specifically timed it with a detox. Because of the fasting period of mine I certainly adjust my weight routine or focus on body weight exercises.


Here are my thoughts and how I approach it…

Liver and Colon Cleanse

The liver is the largest organ in our body and is responsible for numerous metabolic processes, digestive support, blood sugar control and fat storage regulation. The most important function that the liver performs and is vital to our health is to chemically break down and process EVERYTHING that enters our body. When I say everything I mean everything. Everything from a cold glass of mountain stream water to the lingering pesticides in our diet. When the liver is sick (stressed) it can no longer perform this function to full capacity which leads to many health issues.

Most steroid users know the importance of liver care on cycle with the use of supplements i.e. LIV52, milk thistle, tudca, nac, etc. but we rarely consider the far reaching effects and benefits to that care. The liver is very resilient to a point but with enough time and consistency of abuse the liver will begin to wave a white flag and could stop functioning altogether.

One of the best liver detoxes we have at our disposal without the use of supplements is fasting. I will not go into the ins and outs of fasting. I leave it to you to do the research and decide if the benefits are the right choice for your livers health.

I personally prepare myself for a fast by doing a gentle 10 day colon cleanse. My personal choice for this is Super Colon Cleanse from Health Plus and I include additional psyllium husk. An unhealthy colon leads to bigger issues. It is the bodies second brain. If it is not performing at 100% the nutrients we intake are not being fully utilized.

Once the colon cleanse is complete I perform a strict fast consuming only fresh lemon and lime juice with lots & lots of spring water. A typical liver detox fast should last between 48 to 96 hours. It can be tough when you first do it but once you get that first initial fast under your belt each and every fast becomes easier… NOT! :wink: Once the fast is complete I ease back into my diet of choice by first adding nutrient rich vegetables, then a small amount of high fiber fruits, next very low fat proteins and healthy fats are included last. By day 3 post fast I am back to my normal diet and feeling better for it.

Cleansing the colon and fasting on a regular basis provides my liver with a much needed reboot and leads to a much healthier me.


I don’t ever not train