Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide DSIP


Thinking about starting this up esp working nights to help me sleep again. Anyone have any input or expiernce with it? Also never used peptides before could anyone help explain the whole process of adding the bac water etc. thanks brothers!


I have no experience with it but for mixing instructions Google ā€˜peptide mixing calculatorā€™.


Thanks bro!


What peptide?! You didnt even say the name lol


DSIPā€¦ read the titleā€¦ I did a bit of assuming. :wink:


Lol sorry brother itā€™s in the title DSIP


I edited the title for you @kingkonggainz


Thanks man


My title def only said ā€œsleep inducing peptideā€ when I viewed it lol so someone edited. Sneaky sneaky I see you.


Haha yea I forgot the Delta part my bad brother