Deca Low Dose Study 200mg/WK



Quick little read on a older small study concerning using Deca for 8 weeks at 200mg/wk. These were experienced bodybuilders and the dosage is much lower for a shorter period of time than what we see being used by so many.

Helps keep things in perspective.


Sounds like a great low dose addition to primo right? :wink::joy:


Test, Deca and Primo at low doses make for a beautiful synergistic approach. They each compliment each other because they are each a different derivative.


oh wow…ok this is a sign…i have been thinking abouf deca for a whole as i have always known its used to treat patients with joint/tendon wasting illnesses…my doc refuses to give me any dosage as i have been considering for helping my joints and tendons in my hip…hipflexors and lower back…my core strenght is very bad because of that and though i am pretty strong in seated versions of some exercises…standing versions are just not good for me…

i a while back approached the question on here…but i realized due to a weight gain side affect i would want to avoid…so i am stuck…i really think this drug would be the answer to completing my agenda…any suggestions?

i saw another post earlier…and now i came and saw this ans thought yes…i need to get a definite suggestion…


I would choose to use UC-II (collagen) over a steroid in your specific instance. That is just my opinion based on what I ‚Äėthink‚Äô I know about you. :wink:


well trust i beleive what u know is correct. u are awesome!..i will look that up :grinning::grinning::grinning:


any brand suggestion? i just found a few and i want the best


The most cost effective one that I found is from Costco. The cool thing is Costco’s return policy. If it don’t work for you… return the empty bottle for a full refund. Not so sure it is the best but it does contain 40mg of UC-II and that is twice of many products.

Here is another one I have used that contains 40mg UC-II


How did the now brand work for u ?


just get the best selection from those that have tried some that are beasts…and if it worked for them at 6 feet 250…then it sure as hell will work for a 5 foot 9 person at 180 to 200 for example… cus they train hard core…leg pressing 800 lbs…squatting 300…400 + lbs…with such rigorous and heavy training…if they recommebd a solution to joing issues? that to me means they would know :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

there is another product that this dude recommend a whike back for joint lubrication and inflamation controle…why did i rush to that product? cus dude die somw severe twisting and liftin…from one of those cirque shiws…right out a the cutcus like insane stuff…so i tried it at the tume??..worked like a charm!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


anything a extreme athlete recommend that works for him its worth checking out


i hate proprietory blends…so i look up each ingredient and i get the main active…check that out any sidr affects and order the raw…like i have msm poder…chicken collagen now…glucosamine sulfate… hyaluronic acid…pure powder vitamin c…etc …so while i have all those individual ingredients…its great to try blends that extreme athletes use and recommend. rather pop a couple pills than brew a liquid serum every day :rofl::rofl:…but i am ready if it…boils… down to that


I use their fish oil


@john me too! lmao!

Hard Corps is the only way we know. :wink:


Semper fi brother


@Azazel2949 It provided relief in my right shoulder and elbow. Based on my personal use I would say it provide what I was looking for from a UC-II supplement. I have been using UC-II specifically for joint support for about 7 months since a shoulder injury in Oct '17 and I have not experienced any joint pain or lingering issues for the past 3 months or so. I now use it as a preventative measure instead of a crisis management issue.