Deca Durabolin vs NPP


Bro I must agree with the other brother’s advice npp, if quality is good shit. I’ve been running it every bulking cycle and have even used it for cutting. For me I alway cut my test to 300mg, Npp 450/500 wkly, mwf ;100mg T, 150mg Npp. For me keeping my test lower kept my estrogenic sides down. I also used letro at 2.5mg wlky works wonders for me every time. I’m one that get bloodwork done periodically and usually run this cycle 16wks before cruising 6/8 weeks. Good luck!!


Ran NPP for the first time last cycle, I really liked it I got the “deca feel” minus my face doubling in size and didnt have to wait 8 weeks for it to kick in lol.


Thanks bros for all yalls advice. It has been a huge help and will play into some of the planning for my upcoming cycle. Got 2 1/2 weeks left to go on my current cycle gonna use the last couple weeks to taper back a little before cruising for 4-6 weeks, Then gonna start the NPP, TEST, DBol, Proviron cycle mid to late March and run it for a total of 12-14 weeks through mid to late June dropping the NPP sometime between weeks 10-12 depending on how everything is going and the DBol after week 4.


I agree 99% but the letro im bias but yes test dose nice and npp can handle the heavy work. Ive just always used aromasin


Aromasin is another good option! :muscle::sunglasses:


I have done a modified TRT protocol of Test/Primo/Deca and loved it.


Ditto. Running Npp/Test/Primo now and like it also


With stacking Test/Deca/Dbol, would you run Dbol for the full length of the cycle or cut it off at some point during?


I wouldn’t run dbol any longer than 6wks.
I would also say to keep your dose at around 30mg split.
Make sure that you have an ai because dbol converts to estrogen heavily. 30mg shouldn’t be bad but will be enough for good gains.
I believe that a 50mg dose just isn’t needed unless you are really trying to go big.


I was planning on running it for the first 4 or 5 weeks as a kickstarter. Not trying to get too carried away on the first go-round back in action. Thanks, man.


@BigIrish23 I have never used dbol longer than 6 weeks. Beyond that the rate of return is indeterminable and test/deca are doing their work.


What doses? Modified TrT/Cruises are sweet.

I cruise with deca sometimes and blast with NPP. So Id be on deca @ 150 a week for at least a couple months with my TRT and add 50mg of NPP every MWF for 300mg deca on blast for 6-8 weeks, add tren A at 50mg MWF and its a 6 week ripper. Honestly the bulk/shred thing is not my thing, lean bulk, they are all kind of silly. Most people doing juice aren’t even close to their physical max, myself included. So most people would do well on just a cycle of 250mg of Test and 200mg of Deca. TrT makes it fun cause I can run short cycles whenever I want, that’s when I fell in love with NPP. Also it goes really well with Mast dP MWF injections are fine, EOD is a pain in the ass to remember… for me its a pain,


If I use deca on TRT I found 100mg every 10-14 days to work just fine for my purposes and primo was used at 100mg/wk. I have used the deca at 100mg/ew but eventually decided to extend it out longer.

FYI- I am well beyond my physical max. :wink: Not bragging… just stating. Concerning lean bulk, bulk/shred…One mans silliness is another mans salvation.


I wasn’t dogging your doses, genuinely curious about the doses for TRT enhancement. A lot of people would say 100mg deca every 2 wks is a waste, where I disagree or that wouldn’t be the pharmaceutical dose. 100mg primo a week sounds nice all summer following spring blaster, and affordable enough to spend the $ on alpha pharm or pharma. Suppose I didn’t mean bulk/shred is nonsense, but that one can get big on most gear depending how they want to eat. That’s really my biggest problem, they are all lean bulkers! Before whey isolate was available it was so fucking hard, that old stuff was gross.

Sorry, i didn’t meant to imply you aren’t maxed out, just a lot of folks buying gear are enhancing/taking sort cuts (I’m guilty!)
I guess my main beef with dosage calculation is that some folks don’t account for stacks and run relatively high doses of multiple compounds, a gram of gear is where I plateau or at least gains vs sides isn’t worth it. Granted a pro is going to waste away if he isn’t cruising on a G of test, but I’m no Ronnie Coleman. I just can’t eat enough to justify more gear.
Some people can eat meals a day and run 700mg of tren a week, that would make me a fucking lunatic! Different strokes.

For sure going to use your deca TRT protocol, was on the fence about running 100 or just 50mg a week. And primo @ 100mg/wk all summer sound fucking sexy.


I didn’t take anything you said as you dogging anything I said. :slight_smile: Written word is a two edge sword.

Personally I don’t take exception to anything anyone takes or the doses. Sure I may not agree with it and I certainly wouldn’t do some things myself but the end of the day we are all grown men/women and are accountable to ourselves.

We can share our successes and failures. is a diverse community of individuals, from the competing pro to the entry level fitness freak. It is this diversity that helps provide a complete picture of all the good and bad things about steroid use.

I have been TRT for several years. Steroid use beyond therapeutic doses has only two purposes in my mind and that is to build muscle mass or strength increases. So my opinion is just that… anyone not focused on building muscle or gaining strength does not need or should not use anabolic steroids. My opinion means very little… even to me. :wink:


I was just about to ask about the dosage while on TRT. :+1: