Deca Durabolin vs NPP


Bro I must agree with the other brother’s advice npp, if quality is good shit. I’ve been running it every bulking cycle and have even used it for cutting. For me I alway cut my test to 300mg, Npp 450/500 wkly, mwf ;100mg T, 150mg Npp. For me keeping my test lower kept my estrogenic sides down. I also used letro at 2.5mg wlky works wonders for me every time. I’m one that get bloodwork done periodically and usually run this cycle 16wks before cruising 6/8 weeks. Good luck!!


Ran NPP for the first time last cycle, I really liked it I got the “deca feel” minus my face doubling in size and didnt have to wait 8 weeks for it to kick in lol.


Thanks bros for all yalls advice. It has been a huge help and will play into some of the planning for my upcoming cycle. Got 2 1/2 weeks left to go on my current cycle gonna use the last couple weeks to taper back a little before cruising for 4-6 weeks, Then gonna start the NPP, TEST, DBol, Proviron cycle mid to late March and run it for a total of 12-14 weeks through mid to late June dropping the NPP sometime between weeks 10-12 depending on how everything is going and the DBol after week 4.


I agree 99% but the letro im bias but yes test dose nice and npp can handle the heavy work. Ive just always used aromasin


Aromasin is another good option! :muscle::sunglasses:


I have done a modified TRT protocol of Test/Primo/Deca and loved it.


Ditto. Running Npp/Test/Primo now and like it also

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