Deca Durabolin vs NPP


I’ve done a lot of reading up on these two compounds while pretty much identical in results and from what I can gather are just the varying esters. The question or questions I have are what are the advatages and disadvantages of they have. I’ve entered the last half of this cycle and I’m beggining to start planning my next cycle. Defiantly want to add one of these compounds just not sure which one. Even as far as mgs of each per week and how they differ other than I know that NPP requires more frequent injections than Deca. Of course I’m going to run a Test base of at least 500-600mg per week. Anyone who can offer some advice on this I would appreciate, thanks in advance brothers. Any answers like why you prefer one over the other is nore than welcome as well.

Test and Deca Cycle

Deca is wetter and NPP comes with less water retention. Due to the shorter ester NPP makes dosage adjustments easier and quicker. In case of any negative side effects NPP will be out of the system faster. Cycle length will play a part in which one is better suited in the cycle.

If you have never ran a 19-nor NPP is a good start.

In my opinion there is no better bulking cycle than the time proven Test/Deca/Dbol combination in moderate doses.

Good luck in your cycle planning.


So basically I can start out with NPP for 4-6 weeks and if I respond well I can go ahead and run at least a 12 weeker finishing off the last 6-8 weeks with Deca? Would that be okay? Thanks for your input and advice @SemperFi


No. Choose one or the other. Do not try and time a transition to Deca.


If I choose NPP what is the longest recommended cycle length vs Deca.


In my opinion NPP runs well at 8-12 weeks. Deca shines at 16 weeks. Individual response and genetics do play a big roll and some will find Deca performing well in 12 weeks. Most will find 16 weeks a more productive cycle. I recommend moderate doses with either choice. Less can be more with proper planning and dedicated implementation.


Decca takes forever to start working I would definitely reccomend npp especially if you’re cycling and not blast and cruise. I would say use the npp and let it kick in and give you great gains. Diet is a big part of any cycle but you can cut or bulk with npp I would reccomend bulking and heavy. The faster the nandrolone the better in my new found love for mhn and nandrolone base. Decca is an amazing compound the ester is just to long and it lingers so if you pick decca run your test around 4wks longer.
Any questions let me know


Thanks @Bigmurph. Ive been doing a tremendous amount of reading and watching videos on both compounds and I 100% agree with you and I’ve decided I’m definitely going to go with NPP. I do have a couple questions though. 1) I’ve read that you want to keep your Test about the same mg’s per week as NPP, is this correct? 2) is it best to run it with Test prop since its also a fast acting ester and can I also add in a longer acting ester such as Test E or C? 3) Whats the best mg to run NPP per week at eod and total Test mg per week? Until I hit 150-160 bulking is the plan by the way brother.


Alot of guys keep test even or more. I have run npp at 600 with my test at 500mg so I believe that you can run the nor19 a little higher than test and it wont give you the crazy side effects that you here about. I like to let other compounds do the heavy lifting in my cycle because test at high doses gives me worse side effects than other compounds. Just make sure that you have caber, prami, or bromo on hand and plunty. Also its true controlling your estro helps so much with controlling you’re progesterone.
I would kick with test prop and run test e myself than even taper with prop. I would definitely recommend running the test longer than the npp or if going into a cruise than taper down and start your cruise. Npp lingers a bit so keep up with you’re anti progesterone protocol. It was decca that got me because it lingers forever it feels like but npp is much shorter just something to watch out for.
Npp start low 100mg mwf up to 150mg mwf than if needed 200mg mwf. I had really good npp and its true not all npp is created equal but I tried 600mgs and had to cut back to 450mg a wk. Listen to you’re body. With you’re weight as long as the npp is good 450mg 150mg mwf should be plenty.
Good luck and good gains brother

I also wanted to add semperfi really knows his stuff and hit it all on the head above. Great advice


If I’m going to cruise in between this cycle Im currently running before beginning the NPP cycle how long should i cruise for before starting the NPP? @Bigmurph


Think I found the answer to my question. However long the cycle I run, do I cruise at a TRT dose for the same amount of time as the length of the cycle or can it be a shorter amount of time or does it need to be a couple weeks longer before jumping back on cycle?


I would get bloods pulled before every blast, if everything is what your baiseline was then you can blast again if you want. Its hard to give advice on this when everyone is different.


cruise on deca and blast npp with it for 6 week periods :sunglasses:


I began week 9 of this cycle on Monday the 29th. My original plan was to have bloodwork done after week 10 was completed. That was before I made the decision to extend the cycle an additional 2-6 weeks. I switched srcs after week 6, so now I’m planning on having bloods done after week 12 at least to see where I’m at or should I just wait until a few days after my last pin of the cycle?


I do understand what you mean tho everyone is different and respond in many different ways to different compounds and at various amounts. Bloodwork truly is the end all and be all as to knowing exactly where you are. This is my first true cycle other than the half ass cycle I ran when I was 25 years old (14 years ago) so I’m still learning and gaining invaluable knowledge everyday.


I would cruise around 4 weeks before blasting again if you are running fast ester compounds. If you are running deca you might want to wait atleast 8 weeks because deca will linger for quite a while


On point +++


I always wanted to try pulsing npp with decca like that but I will never use decca again. Thats a whole another story. Lol


My favorite cruise mix is test/primo ($$ tho) and test masteron


NEVER AGAIN? that makes me tear up a little bit. i’m gonna name my next kid deca