Dbol, blue hearts


I’ll never forget my experience will dbol, it was blue hearts if you guys know what those are. I started at 10mg a day and the gains were insane, at the end of the 3rd week I upped it to 20 mgs. At the end of the 6 week run I was up almost 25 lbs with minimal bloat, maintained 15 of those lbs for roughly the next year while I was off cycle. I’d love to get my hands on those again.


Never ever tried dbol. My run with anadrol I had to cut short. Wonder how dbol would treat me. I’m not a big fan of bulk but if I kept the calorie surplus minimal I’ve been told it shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe some day.


Just ran some blue hearts last summer 20 mg ed was all I needed and gained 17 lbs with little water in 3 weeks


There is a guy that sells them. I have never tried them but heard they are legit


Where they march pharma or body research blue hearts? Ive used both and I use to really enjoy dbol. My favorite though is British dispensary.
If you’re looking for blue hearts click the grey banner up top they have them available in British dispensary and body research.


Hey murph do you get all your stuff off naps? I am registered on their website for a while actually , but was hesitant, and there are soooo many options when you get on, do u usually pick British dispensary?


I don’t remember the brand bro, I just know they were damn amazing