Days off and rest


For the longest time i trained 1 body part Monday thru Friday and rest Saturdays and Sundays; my biggest concern was size and i kept my body fat under control by eating clean. Recently i changed to 5 days cycle: 4 days to train the whole body and a fifth day of rest, well that day of rest is gone cause am doing cardio 7 days a week, also the training has changed to more sets up to even circuit training; all this cause i realized that certainly leaning out has become harder to me…am 54 and right now as i just woke up and get ready to go to the gym am thinking to train back to back without a day of rest to give this cutting cycle my best. After that as i go into TRT will take a few days off the gym and after i will be getting ready for that show.
What and how are your days off and rest right now?


Right now I’m on 6 days and off one and hitting chest/back/arms twice a week. I also just started splitting my legs.


I train chest and delts on monday, back and calves tuesday, weds off, delts and traps thursday, arms friday, and legs and calves saturday


So you split your delts or you train them twice


The day i train them with chest is more of hardcore lifting the second session is more supersets and pumping type workout less rest faster pace. I feel since i naturally have a wider waist 32-33” in contest shape i cant have big enough delts and lats to create the x frame


Okay, I might try that, my waist is small (28) but my shoulders are not my best body part and men’s physique is all about shoulders with


Give it a shot bro lmk how it works for you