Dads muscles


so a while back i saw where it said your parents muscular gentics decides yours.

do you have the same muscularity as your father?..or if not who in your family on you moms or dads side?


Both my parents are small Dad is 5’10 170 my mom is 5’4 maybe 100 lbs I Atleast made it to 6 ft and before starting going to gym/eating right/AAS I was 171 lbs


Dam genetics


same i have both…my dad was always small and toned not bulky or rounded muscles…and he has very small frame and short like 5’ 5"…my mom is 5’ 7" …i am 5’ 9" me and my brother got our height from her dad and other family generation…i have her overall shape she has bigger hips and thighs and thick bicept area and is a bigger lady…so i have her weight issue if i am not active…which…aparently happened :rofl::rofl:

so once i get it all off then its going to be a real challenge to make my muscles have more deep definition and rounded ness with some body…when i was smaller i looked built nice shape…but was not like ripped…and i was overly active and in the gym…i was just small and muscular but all the lines kinda blended


Gotta break yourself down, to build it up… or some shit like that


I do have to commend you on your efforts bro, physically and your diet, and the fact that your waiting to run things until you cut down!! My brother in law has me get him stuff made for cutting cycles cause he wants to lose weight he goes to gym and he is strong but he eats garbage, doesn’t do any cardio or even attempt to work his abs.


well depending on where he is at with body fat…the.stuff wont be of much help from what i gathered…that it will most likely cause more harm than good…and diet is everything…though i know what to do…i am a lil extreme…and i do the donts…because they give that that extra boost and shock and awwwe! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m not sure of his body fat but he is def not skinny and he def has a gut so I’m sure it’s not low %


well if you can convince him it would be best to change the eating and drop to a acceptable percentage to consider…he is looking for the stuff to do the work for.him instead of enhancing what he built…it can be dangerous and require longer than recommended use and dosages to see results at the stage he is at now.


I have tried talking to him I know he is trying, but it is what it is I guess


he more than likely wont see the benefits for the money he would spends and end up with unfavorable results/reaction.


oh i wish i could take my clen!!..its just sitting there :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not at all like my dad haha


who in you family line then do u think? on your dads side or mothers side.


I don’t believe it’s about genetics as much about lifestyle. Rather you learn habits from your parents and continue those thruout your life. The amount and type of food is influenced by your parents growing up and health issues they relate to genetics is actually a result of the same things. Active or non active lifestyle is taught as well. From my grandfather to father there was a big change. My siblings followed my father. I had a distanced relationship with him growing up and my lifestyle is different and more so on the people I was around growing up. Including bodybuilding. It was something I learned young and kept thru life.


certainly I see my parents in me…but my dad was always training martial arts, he was no bbuilder neither care for it but there was a strong concern for diet and exercises. Me i strongly agree with TrenGod. I live a life of restrictions and obligations…and am talking about diet, otherwise i get fat and exercises, other wise i loose weigh…so i keep it tight and i enjoy doing it


Honestly…neither. Both my parents were small in stature and dad never really ‘worked out’ a day in his life. To give you an idea of his size he served in WWII on a submarine and and you had to meet a maximum standard of height and weight in order to assigned to a sub.


Im a spitting image of my old man, he was into bodybuilding before it became a fad. He always had small calfs though, I also did and blamed it on genetics until I decided to do something about them and they grew. I believe genetic play a minor role, but I think too many use it as an excuse.


nice. :smiley::smiley: so my question then is…did your calves end up a bigger version of the same shape and look or did the muscle bellies compisition transform with heavy training and enhancements to form a rounder…thicker more pronounced look? so u beleive then that there is no limit by genetics to muscle potential?


Looking at my parents i would never have believed that i had the genetics to become as large as i have. I believe genetics can be used as an excuse for the lazy but def dictates how are bodies respond to training stimulus as well as how many anabolic receptors we have. Some people can grow muscle without trying while others kill themselves for every pound they gain. You wont believe how many times that ive been accused of using “ sooooo much gear “ yet for as long as ive been cycling my dosages arent that high. I know people using 2 or 3 timesas much as me yet are half the size. My mom is a tiny Armenian woman she 5’ 2” weighs 110lbs and my dad is Italian, Irish, and English. He is 5’10” has a huge gut but not really muscular at all. I was 170lbs when i graduated high school with 11” arms lmao :muscle:t2: Once i started lifting i blew up gained 30lbs in 1st 10 weeks i started working out. It was incredible. Thats when i knew i had something special inside me. Thanx mom and dad for these insane genes :kissing_heart: