Cycle talk young mistakes


I went through the same thing with my Dr in my 30s, lm 44 now and decided not to go the route with Dr i used to pin in my 20s and obviously felt great but made a lot of mistakes. Thought you stick a needle in your ass and lift like a mad man but naturally learned the hard way that’s not all there is to it. Now that I’m older and did yrs of reading and research im ready to pin again. I lifted natural for some yrs but just didn’t have the feeling of accomplishment and drive basically just plateaued and lost motivation, got lazy and fat. Ive just been lifting more of high rep routines, still plan on the high reps since im older and don’t want to over do it but i have all my gear along with the Ais and pcts and this week my partner and i are going to start an easy 12 week cycle and see if that drive comes back because that’s what I miss walking out of the gym feeling like i actually did something, wont be easy but not a young buck anymore but hell if it was easy everyone would be doing it. This is for the older guy’s who think i can’t. Well you can im getting ready to. Not trying to bulk up just tighten up and at least look and feel healthy. What you were describing about your dr that’s what they do for my 73 yr old father sometimes I think these Drs have no clue. So im going to stay on the forum and there’s something im not sure i now know where to get opinions and answers. I’m anxiously awaiting next for week to get back to pinning LOL Good luck…

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Brother you are definitely not the only one who made mistakes with use in the beginning but you live and you learn right.

Just curious brother you say 12 wk cycle what compounds are you going to use and at what mg?


Well nice to meet you Bigmurph well
1-12 Arimidex .5 ED
1-4 Dbol 25 mg ED
1-10 sustanon 250
8-12 100 prop EOD
13-15 clomid/Nolva 100/40
15-17 clomid/Nolva 50/20

Also I have my HCG but there’s a lot debate as in when to use during your cycle or as part of your PCT that’s whats kinda got me on when I should run it. I have plenty of it so that’s not a problem, Some advice would be much appreciated.


So I just wanted to make sure that im reading it right.
Are you going to use sustanon at 250mg a week?
I like the conservative amount of dbol and the test prop taper.
In my personal experience using hcg right up until you start pct is what I prefer myself.
I have use it as a blast in the 2wk after Last inj up until pct in higher does like
2000iu 1st 5 days later 1500iu 2nd 5 more days another 1500iu.
Using throughout a cycle worked best for me. I only use 500iu 1x a wk right up until pct or 250iu split a wk.


Yeah sustanon 1× week light cycle with low Dbol just to give that jump from the start. The 500 split a week up until PCT is more of the consensus on what ive been reading about the HCG. Usually day before pin of test is what im reading more and some guys are saying 1500 or 2000 iu during PCT i believe it was like daily for a week or two something crazy but i was leaning towards the 500 split preferably, thanx on your input on that. This would be my First cycle in like 10 yrs i was saying im not trying to bulk so im going to be conservative just to see how it goes. Im already big enough weight wise in a not a good way 5’9 220
Just need to get rid of that belly and get under or about 200 is where i feel good im naturally a big guy just gotta tighten it up and get motivated but appreciate any and all input Bigmurph again Thanx…


You should honestly drop the weight first that way your diet and training will be ready to go once you start your cycle.
Starting with a high bf% can cause unwanted side effects


Appreciate the honesty on losing the weight First. I can usually fast and drop 6-8 pounds in just a few days I’m not really a big eater of junk food or fast foods just not to much cardio.Ive read some of your posts on the cycles you were running and ive never even heard of half the stuff you were speaking of. So now we’ve established im nowhere in your league i never heard that powder protein is a waste b/c you basically shit it all out. So my question is you’ve read what I want to run so that kind of tells you my knowledge of not knowing much about eating clean basically i always stuck to a high protein diet while running. If you were to give advice on how to drop 15-20 pounds how would your diet go if you were in my place straight forward and simple before I start running my cycle. And I stress straight forward and simple. Im at about 25% bf right now. All and any advice would be highly appreciated. Thnx


Oh brother I do the same thing before every cycle I run. I weigh 223 as of this morning.
Im not a fatass but im not ripped with a 6 pac anymore either. I finished my Last cycle looking lean with cut abs and all but I like to eat alot so I always put back on extra weight especially now because im injured so I haven’t been getting in big workouts ive basically just been doing what I call maintenance.
The thing about powder protein its not all garbage but I have a hatred for big pharma and for almost all of the supplement industry. I rarely use powder protein but almost everyone uses it to supplement protein into there diets. It definitely has its place I just warn people not to use the low end stuff that is made really poorly. You do honestly just shit out most of the powder protein unless you are using aas which allows your body to intake and process more protein than if you were just working out.
Im not a bodybuilder im probably just like you brother. I workout just to look good and stay healthy nowadays. In the past I was an athlete. I played football and after that I was a amateur boxer for a bit.
I have used a good amount of gear and different compounds but that doesn’t make you out of my league. I guess you could say that I have a head start lol
Were all here to help I don’t want you to think that my comment about needing to lose weight before you start your cycle was anything bad. It was just good advice that I would tell anyone including myself.
Honestly though your cycle needs some work. I wouldn’t use the sustanon 1x a wk at 250mg the reason is that you are going to shut down your natural testosterone levels and you are really only going to bring them back up to where they are probably already at with that dose.
If you wanted to stick with those compounds I would recommend using the sustanon 250mg 2x a wk but run the prop atleast 50mg eod throughout the whole cycle.
Sustanon has 4 different esters so the testosterone is released over a period of time that really won’t work well for you at 250mgs 1x a wk. If you ran the sust 250mg 2x a wk it would be better. Most run sustanon 250mg 3x a wk usually mon wed fri injections. The other thing is that sustanon for 10wks won’t do very well because you will get the test propionate 30mg and the test pp at 60mg then the test iso 60mg these you will get but its only really 150mgs of testosterone the testosterone deconate is 100mg and it lasts for a long time but takes awhile to build up.
If you were to add the 100mgs of testosterone propionate eod 1-10 that would help raise your levels to around 500-600mg a wk after about 4wks and then it will last around 2-3wk after your last injection for the deconate to clear your system.
The dbol will definitely be a good kicker for the beginning to get you going. You will be taking adex which will help with the estrogen levels from the short and long ester sust and dbol. Your pct is spot on but I would wait until about 3wks after your last injection because sustanon takes a little bit longer to clear out of your system than other testosterone does.
The way I would run the cycle if it were me would be like this
1-12 sustanon 250mg min 2x a wk
1-12 test prop 50-100mg eod
1-6 dbol 30mg pre workout
1-14 adex .5mg depending upon blood work results
15-16 nolvadex/clomiphene 40/100
17-18 20/50

I probably wouldn’t use the hcg unless you already have it then I would use it 500iu split 2x a wk 4-13 with a 5000iu kit if you have a 10,000iu kit I would run 1000iu split 2x a wk.

Edit* i just read that you do have your gear already so I don’t know if you possibly may want to wait cut some weight and order a couple different things to get going right and walk away with some better gains.
I would hate to see you run this cycle and not get what you wanted out of it.

Im not sure if you already have this cycle and are ready to go but if you haven’t ordered yet I would say that you should rethink it all together and simplify it down to
Test e 500mg 1-12
Dbol 30mg 1-6 pwo ed
Proviron 50mg split ed
Adex. .5mg 1-14
Pct nolvadex 40mg 15-16 20mg 17-18
Get blood work at wk 6 and check estrogen then blood work at wk 20 to check estrogen and testosterone levels if you don’t see that your natural testosterone levels are coming back then I would run clomiphene 100mg for 2wk then 50mg for 2wk then do blood work again to check testosterone levels.

Blood work can be done through a doctor or through privatemedlabs or even a home test kit from Amazon.

If you have any questions brother im always here to help. The biggest part of all this isn’t really the gear that you will be using its the diet and training. Without a proper diet you won’t get good gains and once the water retention goes away you won’t be left with much. You mentioned a high protein diet. I usually run the same high protein mid carbs mid fats.
Do you have a meal plan put together or any idea what your macro count will be?
How many calories a day are you looking at eating?

Hit me up anytime brother im always here to help


Just wanted to throw in that if you have a good heart and you are in good shape health wise you can try to go get some ephedrine hcl from the pharmacy its called primatene.
You can run an eca stack with good cardio and a good diet. This will help you cut weight faster but it will raise your blood pressure so if you have high bp not a good idea but if you have a good heart its an option
Ephedrine hcl 25mg 2-3x a day
Caffeine 200mg nodoz pill 2-3x a day no coffee though or no nodoz
Asprin 81mg the little baby asprin 2-3x a day
Taking this is and eating clean and healthy with a deficit and putting in cardio will help you cut the weight faster.


Appreciate the input it so happens ive been putting this together for some time now i do have 2 vials of the sustanon 250 along with 2 vials of the test E 250 and also about 50 amps of testoprimD (i used to live by the border) so i picked those up because they were so readily available also i have four 5000iu kits of the hcg, 100 25 mgs Dbols along with plenty of adex. Clomid and nolvadex for a few cycles, also 2 vials of prop the only thing I don’t have is the prov never used it. The cycle i wanted to do was at least 500 - 600 of test a week very close to what you suggested because that’s what I used to do back in the early 2000s its just been awhile and im kinda Leary because of the high blood pressure not to bad but take 100mg of metoprolol a day. Basically what you suggested is what I used to do 10 yrs ago 250 sustanon 3xweek with the Dbols but finished it with 6 weeks of 200mgs weekly of injectable winny. Im sure you have heard of the testoprimd ive taken 1 here and there just for the sex drive but never for a cycle so i have plenty of gear like i was saying the blood pressure and been so long since I ran just wanted to see how it goes but i see your point im definitely going to rethink the cycle so i will get what the most out of what im working hard for. Now the diet i was just going to do what I used to tons of chicken breast, some lean beef. fish, egg whites with about 150 grams 0f powder protein daily i also throw in plain white rice and some green veggies, oatmeal along with a gallon or so of water a day. Now I didn’t know you could order the kits off Amazon big thanx for that. Your opinion on the testoprimd they burn like an sob. I warm up the amps before and usually take about a minute or so to to pin i take my time 1 less day of soreness Also the macro count plz explain more on that topic you got me there


Ephedrine cant take it makes me very jittery cause I don’t even drink coffee


My partner used to take that hydroxycut back in the day i tried one capsule had to walk out of the gym halfway into the workout had me shaking so bad never touched a weight loss supplement since around 15 yrs ago lol and the weight thing no offense taken brother im here to soak up knowledge. That’s why i ended up at the drs in my early 30s on trt for about a yr because I didn’t have the knowledge.


@BIGLUZE here are a couple reads for you to consider-


@SemperFi got a couple of great reads for you on the site put together.
Id be happy to help with anything specific.
What exactly are you looking for about the macro count?


I wouldn’t even know where to start on how to put the macro count together. Would definitely read any material on a proper diet plan


If you search with the magnifying glass for macro the first couple are good reads to get started.


You’re receiving excellent advice from the fellas. Regarding keeping track of macros you may want to download an app to your smartphone as that may assist.


Yeah everyone on this site has been awesome on offering advice and im 44 brother its not going out one ear and out the other im taking it all in much appreciated