Cycle post opp gyno surgery


This post is long overdue! I’m finally back after taking a few months of this forum. I went through a rough phase this summer but things finally settled down. I got my gyno surgery back in June 14th. Paid out of pocket( been wanting it since I was 16, I’m 24 now) so I patiently waited lol
At first, I was bit hesistant to jump back on gear because of the fear of a rebound effect. I take everyone’s opinion and take it into consideration. So when I decided to jump back on, I listened to @bigmurph and @Fitraver. I went and spent a little bit extra more money on pharm graded ancillaries. I used arimidex 0.5 eod and ran nolvadex 20mg everyday, while using the cutmix from @SymBiotecLab. (Btw have nothing but respect for this source). I was running 100-150mgs of the cutmix for about 8 weeks, also used 50mgs winstrol Ed for the first 6 weeks. This was my first “cut” I’ve ever done. I used quotations because I’m sure there’s people in here that won’t even consider this a real cut :joy:
Its okay im still trying to learn lol
I used hcg, nolvadex and clomid for my pct. I wont be on again until next year because I have a trip, going to visit my family down in Mexico :mexico: ( best believe I’m visiting the pharmacies down there, y’all want anything ?:joy:) jk

The first picture was taken the 2nd time I went to the gym post opp, ( I’ve waited 3 1/2 weeks to get back, 5 weeks until I hit chest again)

The second picture was taken about 7 weeks into the cycle

Let me know what you guys think,


Hell yeah bro!! You’re lookin great and looks like a success on the opp!


I come back couple months later and see you moved up in the ranks! Seeing you do big moves lol
Thank you for the advice brother! I appreciated


Haha thanks bro!! Hit that 200 mark. Now to hang out around 195-200 for this cruise and then try for 215-220 still 15% or less. Then it’ll be cut time :slight_smile: glad you’re well bro.


Bro you look great, glad the surgery was a success! Keep killing it!


Solid! Hope you have a GREAT vacation.


Huge difference looks great


Thanks for all the positive feedback! I’m glad this channel has been getting better with time!
Ill be posting a few other after pics pretty soon


Damn brotha looking solid AF


Big difference!


Looking good