Cycle log, please follow and ask questions


2oz of carbs = 2 cookies with every meal lol


hey guys weight has gone up and i have leaned out a bit!!


already thinking about next cycle and adding insulin now that i have leaned out


Have you ran slin in the past? Just curious about how it worked for you


i did on my own protocol and to be honest didnt work so well. after doing more research and discussing it with my coach i realize what i was doing was wrong…glad i had the experience though, sometimes experience is the best teacher


With slin though you have to be so careful I’m glad that you are ok and got it right


nothing happened to me i just didnt get anything out of it?


It sucks that you didn’t get any gains but I’m glad that you didn’t have any serious complications from it. I won’t use it and you of course do you but I believe that the only people who should use slin are paid athletes. I also believe that about other compounds like igf1lr3 and trenbolone so don’t take my advice to seriously.

Are you going for stage competition?

I forgot mast p test p tbol


I agree to a certain extent, I’m hoping to compete in the fall for my first time


Nice I hope that you get up there and enjoy it and also possibly bring home a medal or something.
I love when we have competition guys here because I love hearing there journey from training to stage then back


Should be fun I’m just not looking forward to wear in the trunks lol hope it’s not cold on stage




Yes more weight I have the more I snore. So she says :roll_eyes: