Cycle and hormone help needed


HI guys. I need some help. I need to restart my testosterone to try and have a baby. I read I need to see what to take that won’t affect it and what to run for increasing chances of production.

I was told anabolics that dont convert to estrogen may help as a “cycle” to maintain and keep energy going also to get on clomid and hcg regular like they do in fertility clinics.

Dropping my testosterone I’m sure my estrogen will be out of whack and not sure how to control that to stop it. I don’t want to get gyno during this as well.

What kind of options am I looking at?


First check…see if you can blood work done. Check your levels and if your not opposed and you are unsure you can always go see an endo.


In my opinion you should first do a blood test, this is the absolute basis for us to talk about the problem, first blood test and let the specialist see. Remember that all hormones can be controlled, but you must first make an outline of your levels. It’s hard to deduce anything when you want everything at once, every action of the hormone results in the consequences of another hormone. In my opinion, you do not need large doses of testosterone to increase the production of spermatozoa, just a slightly elevated level to not start the next hormonal stimuli, I’m not endo but as a @01dragonslayer said the blood test first.

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Exemestane works very well with clomid and hcg to get testes producing again as well as it stops conversion to estrogen altogether so that serves double purpose. I def would have blood work done and see endocrinologist if fertility is problem


dragonslayer said it .blood test is the key .get the fact then you act.dont do anything blind