Cutting on dbol


I’m currently cutting on npp and dbol, dropped 8 lbs from 240 to 232 while actually managing to increase my measurements, shirts and pants are now barely fitting but I’m much leaner. Loving the progress, took my last shot of npp 4 days ago and then introduced tren a. I’m excited to see how this turns out.


That’s awesome bro. What has your diet been like macro wise?


Cutting on npp and d-bol; i like that is all about proper nutrition and cardio…wel am a firm believer you can use npp for anything, great compound


216 carbs, 216 protein, about 48g fat. Haven’t been 100% accurate everyday but pretty close.


Cutting on dbol?..thats impressive especially when you account for the water retention. Good job my man. Keep up the hard work and stay disciplined. I think you will really like the addition of the tren.


Thanks man, I finally got my nutrition in check and I’m loving it.


Excellent my friend.