Crazy year for the NFL


What is going on with these teams this year so far?


Hey buddy, I feel like there is something that needs to be said to you, on the forum out loud, not PM bullshit


Whats that?


It’s just that, nobody cares about your garbageass “America’s team” go cowboys shit, who do you have that is gonna stop Saquan, or O’dell… do you even have a halfway decent wide receiver, who Eli Apple or Jenkins can’t stop…let alone you have turds of wide receivers


Listen I know the cowboys suck this year, I’m kinda hoping that I can wish in one hand and well just keep wishing… we need a new head coach, and probably a new owner. But your right we got nobody, fuck we got ride of the best kicker in the nfl for some dude who was kicking at 78% in the CFL!


Ha ha


For your viewing pleasure for tonight!