Crazy leg pump! You guys gotta try this


So I’ve been following this new style lately for my lifts and moving it. It’s sort of a combo of a few styles. It’s especially insane on leg day. The pump is unreal.

So the layout goes like this. They’re trisets with the first lift being heavy for 6 reps, then next lift at 12, then last at 20. All lifts back to back to back and all to fail, then rest. This lets you overload with heavy stuff to tire kegs, hit a mid range, then by the time you get to high reps you’re already so pumped you’re cursing the weights for e wry rep.

Do all three lifts working one body part and for 3 sets. Then switch and do same for other body part. Then finish with two more trisets but this time do reps 6 and 12 for first body part and the 20 for the other. The switch. Do those trisets for 2 or 3 sets each. So you’re totally 12-15 sets for each body part. Sometimes I do Quads and Hams together if you’re wanting punishment lol. Or you can split cheat with Quads and back with Hams, bid and tris, etc. Whatever combo you want.

Here’s an example (ss’d = superset):

Hack squat (normal stance) x6x3
Leg press (normal stance): x12x3
Leg extensions: x20x3

Hack Squat (wide): x6x3
Leg press (wide): x12x3
Seated Leg curls: x20x3

Split squats: x6x2
Reverse lunges: x12x2
Single leg curls: x20x2

Lying Leg Curls: x6x2
Stuff legged dead: x12x2
Single leg extensions: x20x2

This is not for the weak of heart but holy fuck you will be screaming!!! That’s the super brutal one. Sitting legs up is a little better route prolly. Either way if you want to limp out of the gym give this a go.

@PHD @Bigmurph @UNITED @MBTJR1980 I know you guys can take a punishment and would love this.


Leg day is so taxing for me…not too sure I could handle this routine.


It’s not for the weak of heart. After the first triset I’m already drenched and leg dead.


Are you kidding my legs hurt reading that! Im not to sure im conditioned enough to handle this, youre a boss.


Agreed… If im not well fed and rested on leg day things get ugly.


Im all over this bro! Looks like fun! Ill hit this on Mondays’s leg day and report back @Fitraver! Glad to see theres someone else as tapped as me that enjoys self punishment to highest level :grin:


Yesssss can’t wait.


i was like wait…where us fit?!..i musta a missed stuff i imagine cus i was not seeing your regular logs hmm…well i found ya…that leg deal is wicked! screw the paper bag you will need to have a 55 gallon trash bin by you :rofl::rofl::rofl: