Crashed gear... not a bad deal


the raws are actually crystals …I love it but I don’t do EO … I have standards about what I m putting in my body and I m not goining to eat frakenfood I m certainly not injecting EO the biggest issue I have found is that is usually masteron and I can tell because mast is dht and primo is not … so my hair falls out … I’ll stick to what works best and that’s deca/test/sust or eq/ sust and some anavar … no need to get crazy with shit


not sure about Murph but if you can’t reheat and keep it from crashing once … there is some debate as to whether or not it recrystalizes intramuscularly …depending on the ester the hormone is released over time … some compounds release and peak faster moving in and out the system faster.


Occam’s Razor. :wink:


Fing A … yes


Awesome, thanks everybody for sharing


The law of parsimony… lol of course you follow that


Yea but taking 200mg of oral is not good. I switched to primoE less shots just as effective imo


I definitely agree that a compound that crashes will give you extra pip because of the change to crystal once in the muscle cutting you.
This is another reason for me not to use crashed gear is pip im a wimp I don’t like to walk around like a pirate I like my oils smooth like I never even injected anything


I love primo it just makes me breakout bad.
That is the only side effect I felt from it.


Right on. We tend to under estimate the power of simplicity. Always looking for a new edge or a new combination. Overlooking the proven most simple process.


lol no one said you should take 200mg of an oral …


Completely agree, with that being simplicity doesn’t equate to being the easiest way. That’s the issue with our culture today, we’re often looking for the easiest route. We start thinking well “if it was that simple, wouldn’t everyone do it?”.


the debate stems from body temps being what they are does the gear actually crash again… Since I haven’t pinned crashed gear I can’t give any anecdotal evidence to say yea or nay… some people don’t care I just don’t have that particular problem so its a non issue


I thnk that’s the ego for some people always looking for the one up not realizing that the one up is keeping it simple. … much easier to pin point issues should they arise as well


I am one of the people that has no issues with using crashed gear. Is it my choice? No way. Does it lose potency? I have no idea. Do I buy the same product again if it is known to crash? Nope. I find another supplier or work with the supplier to see if they are looking on ways to improve the process.

These days there are some very good suppliers so the reality is a person should never ‘have to’ use crashed gear. I just shit canned 5000+mg of PrimoA because it remains crashed and I am not wasting my time resuspending something daily just to experience the pip… the investment is not worth the return.

Wherever you stand on the issue… When in doubt throw it out.



Dear UGM members

Reading this topic I noticed that I was mentioned by @TrenGod @PHD @Bigmurph and I wanted to share my opinion with the members on the forum.

Many gear manufacturers have gone through different ways to produce gear, some are cooking in the kitchen others in the basement and others have invested quite a lot of $$$ to made a mini lab.
Each of us came to knowledge in various ways, Chinese recipes, the internet, or have learn at the universities of molecular chemistry, bio pharmacy and other specializations.
Sometimes I wonder about if any of UGM’s members saw real pharmaceutical production lines in concerns such as GSK, Bayer etc. Well, I had the pleasure to see and work in such places and I must say that it takes hundreds thousands of dollars to open up the laboratory and production lines, together with the conditions prevailing there. We should also mention production such as drug formulas that are closely guarded by some companies regarding various components.

We UGL will never be Pharma Grade, we can just try to come closer to Pharma Grade through education and practice that we can implement through the method of errors and errors. UG market is very specific because products with a much higher concentration of mg are often implemented and majority of them aren’t unacceptable norms in the world of pharmacy. Simply some raws do not like high concentration and together with inappropriately matched components in production often causes gear to crash.

‘’CRASHED gear’’ is the essence of my interest, but we cannot say that the crashed gear is g2g. I cannot imagine a situation where, for example, in a hospital where some roids are administered as chemotherapy-supporting drugs, the doctor says to nurse to put a vial into the oven to dissolve crystals from the crashed gear ??? This would be an absolutely strange situation.

In pharmaceutical companies at production lines, the crashed gear is strewn as unfit for consumption and does not receive a quality control certificate.
Some of the members mentioned the heating up to 300 degree for several minutes. I wonder how the molecular structure may look like after heating the gear to 300degree when the melting point (depends on the raw we use) is e.g. 230 degree ( ???) the structure overheats and even forms is being completely destructed. I cannot imagine how it looks like cooking raws far above its melting point because it can destroy the activity of molecules. The conclusion is that each such heating result in completely different temperatures and weakens the molecular structures and the gear loses its value.

An example can be frozen Coca Cola or Bread, at the time of frosting, both products lose their taste, i.e. the quality is such an example to illustrate the problem.
The next issue is raw which in 98% is imported from China, it also has a big meaning because Chinese people also produce their raw in illegal places as well as order it from the factory, then add different specifics to power sell more kg to the market than ordered. The Chinese also add different dirty components to make the more money out of it. It also has a big impact on UGL gear as we are trying to provide best gear but results come different than expected

UG is governed by its own laws and not the world of pharmacy, some specifics shouldn’t be intended for other purposes as they have been set up, some people do not understand this and therefore the problem returns in vicious circle. I’m not an expert, but I try to say that the gear that was crashed should not be given for sale. I can understand the delicate crystals but crashed absolutely not. I understand that customers pay for gear and sources do not want to lose money and persuade to heat and g2g, I understand also that my say may not be liked by some sources but from my own experience gear should not be sold or production of something that we are not sure that if something went wrong should be avoided, you must understand that people inject themselves into it and everyone can react in different ways. Some customers ask me about custom blend and unfortunately often I have to decline it because different components combined together can cause crashed gear and I do not want to consciously participate in the production of something where it can get crashed.
It is so in short when it comes to my observations because I do not want to bore anyone with molecular chemistry where things can be hard to understand for some because even I remember when I was at the university I wondered sometimes what professors say to me 

I send my greeting to everyone at UGM, I do not want to lecture or offend anyone, and this is only my personal opinion


[email protected]




Great write up bro. Thanks for sharing just a little bit of your knowledge.


That was a pleasure to read @SymBiotecLab thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Fantastic information from experience. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. Truly appreciated!


Awesome write up bro, I myself will be learning a lot more about molecular chemistry quite shortly as a part of my curriculum and I will say… I’m already overwhelmed.