Crashed gear... not a bad deal


Just wondering if anybody would be interested in tagging my wife @mommie2008 in what crashed gear looks like. I’ve explained to her that it’s not a bad thing just want her to see it!


@josh @mommie2008
I have a couple vials of TNE that have been sitting for a little over a month. I’ll post a pic shortly.

You simply heat, and shake until it falls back into solution, draw, allow to slightly cool, and pin. After heating it will be crystal clear and gtg.

There are several different ways of heating/uncrashing gear. Personally I use a wax warmer for 15-20 minutes or sit it on a hot, iron skillet on the stove for 1 minute, shake, 1 minute shake, repeat for 4-5 minutes and it’s ready to go.


In over 20 years Ive maybe had 3-4 bottles of crashed gear from other sources. Its not a bad thing BUT if the gear is constantly crashing then its not a good thing either. Im extremely picky of what sources I use. Ask @SymBiotecLab how much of a pain in the ass I can be about that.

When I used to home brew I had some crashes while I was LEARNING quite a bit. The gear was still usuable but not without a warmer. When I figured shit out (thanks to basskiller and anasci) then didnt have any issues.

Certain compounds tend to crash more with certain cooks, but other cooks have zero problems with the same item. But they are using different methods and different supplies.


Anasci is definitely super helpful


is basekiller still around?


Not sure. I havent talked to him in over 10 years. I saw his site was up a year ago or so but I think cause someone else owns it now.


I see basskiller on another forum still from time to time


@josh @mommie2008
Certain gear like tne can crash more easily than other compounds my fav way to get it back into solution is toaster oven set at 300 degrees for 5-10 minutes taking out and shaking every few. Just be careful to not burn your hand when handling hot bottle. Does the trick every time :+1:t2:


Personally I don’t like using crashed gear. Every time you hear it up it becomes less and less potent. I had some crashed primoA from a source outside of here and at room temperature would crash. I would heat it up and the very next day go to draw another shot and same thing. I said fuck this. I talked to @SymBiotecLab about this issue and he confirmed my thoughts it’s not good to keep reheating. Even he said he doesn’t do PrimoA he suggested PrimoE to me. So I ordered a few vials from him. I’ve seen his pics of them sitting in fridge for over 48 hours and still no crash.

TNE is hard to keep from crashing you actually have to under dose it to keep it from crashing @SymBiotecLab I think suggested around 75mg for TNE but I don’t think he messes with it due to that issue. I love TNE in the off season. I can’t use suspension for some reason knots me up and hurts like a mother


Same here bro suspension beats me up big time :-1:t2:


I’ve seen crashed gear but never been mine. If I ever do run into the issue you know I’m coming right to you guys at UGM for step by step instructions👌


This is what crashed gear looks like and alot of people don’t mind it but it bothers me and I won’t use it.



You say alot of people don’t mind it but you won’t use it. Mind if i ask why?


Good information. So how exactly are you supposed to be storing the gear? So it doesn’t crash and can keep its potency


There are many different ways of brewing gear and almost all products can be made not to crash but some just don’t cooperate well such as base compounds, 1testcyp, and inj oral compounds.
I won’t use products that crash because im lazy and don’t want to have to bring back the product every time I need to inj but also because some can be made at lower doses and they will hold. Its also true that heating a compound over and over can damage its potency if not done properly. I wish I could explain that part better but its a chemistry thing and ive never brewed my own gear so I can’t really give you solid facts. I know someone who can but im not sure if he will come out and comment on this topic.


Vials should be stored in a dark climate controlled space at room temp. Light has an effect on shelf life. Cold has a negative effect that ‘can’ make products crash that would not typically happen at room temp.

If you have children or other individuals living in your home a safe is your very best choice if you are going to store it in your home.

When it is all said and done crashed gear is dependent on the supplier, product and process.


Thank you for all that information. Im sure my husband knows but i still thought I’d ask. Which was good that i did because i didn’t know that reheating can cause it to lose its potency and im sure others weren’t aware either. Good information


He was exceptionally helpful getting me going … I heard the site was shut down and then revived but just didn’t have the time to go look for myself …


primo ace was never meant to be an injectible solution … if you don’t use EO in the mix then it’s very unstable and it also has pretty potent pip …

TNE is horrible to work with and in my estimation a ‘feel good’ compound anyway with very little practical use over the long term


My first experience with it was a few months back… King of PIP even for me. I advise Depot. Even it can have a bit of a bite to it for some people. My understanding is because of the heavier molecular weight of the molecule.