I am looking for a different way to uncrash/Uncrystallize a bottle of tne I have, I have set bottle in a small pot of boiling water for over ten mins, occasionally taking out n shaking it, I have used a blow dryer for about 20 mins, I have put it in a coffee mug full a water n out in microwave for 5 mins then let it sit in that coffee mug til water cooled so awhile, nothing has worked,suggestions please!!


Can you get back with the source you got it from…he might have a suggestion. Is it oil or suspension?


It’s oil , and yes I can


Then I would call him am sure he will offer you the right answer


Call him haha


Bro I put mine in a dry frying pan with the pilot low. Keeping an eye on it shake the bottle after a few minutes and put back if not fully back to normal. It take only a few minutes


Bottles standing up right of course


Ha ha yeah…@pastor I can’t call him but I will get a hold of him


I will give that a try thanks brother


No problem! Just did mine yesterday. Lol


I remember someone saying they used a candle burner. The hot plate looking kind.


@Bigmurph uses his wife’s wax warmer, I hav heard of other methods, but I haven’t heard anyone trying 3 diff ways like I did and not have success… now my woman thinks she can do it and I just suck at it, I said go ahead toughguy do it


Put it in the oven at 220 degrees and bake it for 10-15mins until you see going back into solution shake it up every few minutes might want to insert a pin tip to allow pressure inside bottle to release also. This will def get it make to normal if it doesnt than nothing will brotha


Ok I will bake it tomorrow morning, it won’t melt the rubber in it?


Or the plastic on the pin?


Well shit obviously not since your telling me to do it


Well thats also why you take it out every few minutes to shake it up and check to make sure it looks ok nothing melting. But ive done this many many times and never had a prob just make sure to put pin in it to release pressure. Hope this fixes the prob for you my man


Thanks bro I appreciate the input, I will post here again tomorrow after I try it.


Could it possibly be your solvent ratios and the carrier you are using?


like mbtr said baking is def the way to go ,you could remove steel and cook in microwave also ,then draw it all out and mix with some prop or anything else you have half used ,the solvents from them may stop it crashing again