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Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I was told at some point in time that oral suspensions have a shorter shelf life than pressed tabs or capsules. No idea if it true but if it is and you maintain inventory it might become an issue.

Clarification on this @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Ive heard that to be so, i believe its only certain compounds (which compounds im not entirely sure, have to do some research) but i have heard that to be true with nootropics in solution!


@Fitraver I know this is an old post but I had a question… Did it smell like creosote? If it did then that is the tell tale sign of guac. If the vial was stinking up your safe then yepper. :slight_smile:


I honestly am not sure what post of mine you’re even talking about haha. Was I talking about someone else’s? I’ve not had anything that smelled.


No big deal. It was a discussion between you and IJL and I was just curious. No need to beat this dead horse just to satisfy me. :wink:


Want to give ILJ a big shout out all looks good,but he could of told me about the 1test cyp deal when I was ordering I would of got some!!!Just Joking but I would have,but again great guys and service thanks again.


Haha thats why we post here on UGM my man for all to see! :muscle:
Enjoy that NPP @cavo72 as many here have :wink:


Fresh Batch of NPP 200 in and this time it doesnt crash! Im sure you all are going to love it :muscle: email us at [email protected] with Order in subject Line and your order below it. Thanks UGM for your support!

Please email sponsor for product and price list


Mmmmmm NPP and no crashing is a huge plus. Nice work bro @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Hazaah! And of course we always use Mig Oil as our base!


Just realized I said “boo” not “npp” edited lol. And yeah Mig is the shit!


Yea @Fitraver i just over looked that part lol :laughing:


I was wondering what the boo was about


I remember asking a while back what oil you used and I was sooo fucking pumped it’s the only oil I don’t run into problems with


Beautiful list of amazing gear! Awesome job once again @Iron_Junkie_Labs :clap:t2::raised_hands:t2::facepunch:t2:


Please inform me when 1-Test Cyp is back in Stock. Thanks


Will do @Cdubb908


Could I drink the injectable MTREN instead of pinning it?


Yes as it is methylated, may i ask why u want to take it as oral instead of injecting brother?


Well I go to the gym after work. It’s easier for me to draw up half a cc and squirt it into my mouth than to jab it.