***continually updated list***


No minimum! Sorry for not posting on price list!


Do you have more of a timeframe nailed down for Mtren?


We will definitely try to have it ready to go after this weekend if time permits brotha.


Awesome, my two buddies keep telling me NOT to do it since I’m already running your tren a … but I gotta try it Atleast once as pwo and if it’s to much for me then I will stop


Id say try it and if its to much then ya set it aside for a rainy day lol


Yes or I will mix a lil in with my blend of your tne/inj-winny/inj-dbol pwo mix


This stuff is a game-changer.


Apparently that’s what I been hearing


Pretty harsh stuff though…be careful when cycling.


Yes what I read I agree. I’m gonna be using small amounts as pwo, by itself or mix with tne/dbol I am already using tren a so I have to be careful


Thats how I cycle it as well. Preworkout with a little tren and test no ester.


Awesome, I figure it will be all around better as a pwo for myself, thanks for your input brother


There is some increased aggression, definitely an increase in strength, in all your move s and a great feeling of an alpha male…just don’t get too cocky…lol.


That’s exactly what my buddy said, so with this as with other things I run, I use my woman to gauge how I’m acting, if it bothers her, like I’m gettin nasty or my ego gets to inflated I will stop, or lower the dose


LOL…my wife does the same…she lets me know with a few ‘choice’ words…lol.


Ha ha, I get that look, that a conversation is coming, and I will know exactly what’s coming to, and I will sigh then say ok tootsie, how bad have I been acting.


…and then you feel like a dog with its tail between its legs…lol.


Pretty much, but it’s good to have someone like that to let us know what is happening cause I sure as hell don’t see it coming or realize how nasty I’m being


Any word on the MTren yet?


Another week atleast brother, due to high demand of our other products in our shelf we were forced to complete other batches instead of the mtren last week, but we will get on it soon!

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