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This section will always carry our most up to date list
please email [email protected] for all inquiries

IJL oils pricelist

TNE 100- $30
Test P 150 - $30
Test E 300 - $40
Test C 300 - $40
Sust 350 - $45
Dbol injectable 100 - $40
Winstrol injectable 75 - $40
Deca Durabolin 300 - $45
NPP 200 (fast deca) - $40
EQ Cyp 200 - $40
Masteron P 100 - $45 (out of stock)
Masteron E 200 - $60
Tren A 100 - $45 (Out of stock)
Tren E 200 - $60
Primobolan Enathate 200 - $125
Trestalone Acetate (Ment) 50mg/ml - $80 (out of stock)

IJL orals & ancillaries pricelist (50 CAPS BER BAG)

D-bol 25mg/cap - $40
Superdrol 10mg/cap - $40
Anadrol 50mg/cap - $60
Winstrol 25mg/cap - $40
Turinabol 25mg/cap - $55
Anavar 25mg/cap - $65
Lady Anavar 10mg/cap - $35
Halotestin/fluoxymesterone 10mg/cap - $190
Exemestane 12.5mg/cap - $45
Arimidex 1mg/cap - $45
Letrozole .5mg/cap - $45
Nolvadex 20mg/cap - $40
Clomid 25mg/cap - $40
Cialis 25mg/cap - $50
Proviron - 25mg/cap - $50
Pharma grade Signature brand cabaser .5mg per tab 4 tabs per pack - $30
Pharma Grade HCG Fertigyn 5000iu vial (unconstituted and comes with BAC water) - $60

IRON JUNKIE LABS price and order guide

Holy crap bro, you officially have everything I will ever need :joy::joy:. You’ll be hearing from me shortly!


DNP is actually 150mg cap it was typo’d at 200mg just so yall know :wink:


Sust 350 now in stock! Made in Mig oil! Super smooth you wont be dissatisfied one bit brothers come stock up!


I know I did! I’ll let everyone know how it is


Same here man


Fertigyn HCG (pharma grade) back in stock fellas come and get em while there in!


How’s it growing UGM! Just want to shout out to those of us who work there ass off and still manage to bring out the beast inside and put in work at the gym! #beastmode

Also i would like to add that we have just stocked up on Anavar, Tren E, Mast E, and exmestane! Keep growing UGM!


Sweet ass list bro! DNP is amazing and never see many sponsors carry it! You are one stop shop minus hgh but still amazing!


Haha yeaaa that DNP is a bitch to work with but im guessing thats what makes it stand out when a source does carry it. I would love to have HGH already brotha but the source that carried it on this page ended up falling threw… shame (thoes who know whom i speak of)
Thanks for the shout out bro keep up the good work your doing around this place @MBTJR1980 :fist_right: :fist_left:


Why does your list up top say that email address? And not catabolic


Thats our actual order email uptop brother the catabolic is an old but still usable email address.


Ok thanks


I looked at it and was thinkin well I did talk to him today so obviously I’m not using wrong one, but I typically question everything I see so yeah I will shut up


Lol :laughing: no worries brother


I appreciate the kind words my bro! Im doing my best to put my 20+ years of experience to good use and help as many fellow bros of iron. Your selectiom of products you offer is very impressive and prices are fantastic. Do you have a minimum order amount?


No minimum order required brother we serve all those who come.


Awesome bro ill be in touch soon def would like to grab some dnp and few other things i cant get from my sponsor United Gear


Also what are your payment options brotha?


Sounds good brother shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of you

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