Contest Time! Guess PHD Weigh In


Hey look at this @siglo69 shows up! What’s up bro? You doing alright?


What’s up Bro. I’m doing well. Busy busy. Been working the program.


I hope so bro, glad to see you on here… can you give us an update? Something small…


Heading to weigh ins then tanning. I haven’t heard anyone making any orders! @MPG has any ordered yet? Don’t miss out @members


I’ve not ordered anything yet. when will you be posting your weight again? Saturday? I should be ordering tomorrow.




@mpg will be posting. He already knows my weight


Very impressed…PHD definitely has the cleanest lines and by pics(super hard to judge) is the only one there on all the mandatories…everyone else in the lineup has some big flaws on a couple poses. The comparisons catch him in a lot of transitions , color is good…I will go out on a limb…ready…stay hard for Saturday night. Top 5…for sure…third right now but there would be no one that can’t argue 2nd . definitely is in there…the big problem is sometimes they will give it to the guy with 3 or 4 freaky poses…anything less than third would be Bullshit. No one get upset…this is from pics and placement in lineup. Its a tough show. It would be worse to go and be a small heavyweight…when you can be the tightest lighthvy.


I’m hoping too 5. They went with the big mass look here. Steve W moved me to outside. Then the top 3 he took off stage and called up next group. So not sure where I landed. But thanks bro. I’m getting even nastier looking now so tonight should be nasty. Hopefully too 5 so I can do my routine and get trophey


That’s pics…folks. …and judging 28 guys!!! I thought they pulled you in closer to midget, who’s one of those 4 freaky pose guys. I always judged(and I emphasize these are pics) each pose, conditioning and symmetry . that’s why for most bbing is a long endeavor and you against you.


Midget had mass but alot of flaws also. Symmetry was shit. Phd was the all around in having conditioning, size and symmetry.


The midget frank is a nasty trolll. People in bodybuilding world can’t stand him.


Thanks @TrenGod


@PHD @TrenGod @rnmuscle am I missing a picture?!?!? Did it get removed


Lol I sent @TrenGod pics I haven’t posted yet I haven’t had time to edit them.


I’m a loser bber at heart still…@fitraver so i find them and spent like an hour “judging” individual and comparison…easy to find and easy to knock out a minimum of 10 guys immediate…then its kinda by where you stand in the comparisons(big) but the pics are confusing. The problem arises when a guy like PhD is “complete” nothing catches your attention which is actually great but judging is weird…if you want to look at bbing as a sport , the competition has a bit of strategy involved. Which I think has been over looked…but that’s for another day.


@rnmuscle rambling sounded like he was judging pics he saw lol


I’m sure he’s seen pics he’s been in industry long enough.


No like I meant your exact pics from the show lol


Like I said lol he’s been around I’m sure he’s has bro lol. I’ll post on here for you guys later