Contest Time! Guess PHD Weigh In


Who is Peter potter jr


I don’t know …peter potter I believe is the promoter of the nats.Lindsay in the west, sanow, Nicholls and noble in Midwest…etc.


Peter retired. Not sure what your reference meant though lol. I think I need to smoke some whacky shit to keep up with you lol


Don’t think too hard just train. Good luck


Lol. Depletion training has been hell two more days


You’ll have an idea after Friday prejudging what’s up…I am sure your gonna give us a heads up​:grinning::trophy:


I will know Friday morning where I stand. You all know I train to win. I can say I didn’t leave a stone unturned nor an u finished rep during any Prep and most definitely not this one. Even on days my body said fuck you I said no FUCK YOU! We have goals set and need to conquer them. Thanks for the support fam it’s all up to the judges now the work is pretty much done.


@members time is running out to take advantage of this opportunity provided by @MPG. Get in now and lets see where @PHD final weigh in is at.

If you do not wish to participate let’s all support phd on his quest to elevate himself to the next level!


I’m going with 192 #'s. Regardless of this contest. I sincerely hope you CRUSH the competition. Good luck brother. Had to change it based off a few things. Happy to explain after the contest.


Thanks bro


Best of luck my friend. My guess…215lbs.


Thanks everyone. Keep them coming. Don’t forget to place order so you can all get the free item and then the lucky winner


Am I missing something here? I’m not gonna give it away but?


@PHD you are off of work just depleting and then laying around. No sex or release after today…you’ll lose Vasculariyy​:wink::wink:!


Sex is my secret weapon I become super vascular after and my girl goes crazy over it lol. Yes Saturday was my last day of work. Depletion leg workout Sunday. Upper body depletion till tomorrow. Thursday arrive at venue. If I have time I’ll hit flex appeal gym and do upper body pump if not I’ll do at hotel.


Kill it brother! Going with 223lbs


I’m fuckin pumped for you lol


Thanks bro


Good luck. 258


Thanks bro