Contest Time! Guess PHD Weigh In


We at MPG are ready to see @PHD hit the stage of a pro qualifier! As appreciation we want to run a little contest. Whoever can guess the correct weigh in wait at check-ins.

We will throw in 1 free item with every order (exception of Primobolan) from now till Saturday. Whoever guesses the correct weight or whoever is closest to it, will receive an additional 2 items (total 3) with their order.

Contest orders must be made before Saturday and shipping for contest will be done after Friday to include the free items. You must post here and place “contest” in your email order to [email protected]

You can view the products at and password: MpG1


I’m personally excited for this contest. Can’t wait to see who the winner is. Mmm I have a couple of guesses but we will see. Let’s get things rocking. Who’s going to place order first and guess what I’ll weigh in at? @members


Is weigh in Thursday or Friday?


Thursday I’ll announce weight once contest is over


Great idea for a promo. Great to follow one of our own busting their ass in becoming a real pro!






Don’t forget to be eligible you must place your order by Saturday


Im going to say 230


If he comes in at 175 I am going to be very disappointed. :hatching_chick: If he comes in at 230 like @mommie2008 predicted I think ‘HE’ is going to be very disappointed. :pig:


Lol. Keep the entries coming everyone. I will know Thursday what I weigh in at but won’t announce till Saturday or @MPG won’t announce. We want to give everyone time to get their orders in :grinning::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::muscle:t2:






Not keto


I guess if he wanted to compete in figure or bikini vs. bodybuilding.


@PHD shared some recent pics and gang he is looking nasty good… very nasty! :muscle::snake:


its the new gender neutral, non binary card. its a new category.


I just got an order in last week, so I’m actually just playing along, hoping I can guess correctly! So although i added my guess weight im not going to be able to place another order for a little bit




It has to be peter potter Jr!!! Potter had the southern states, if I remember correctly 30 years ago…they never lose grip…