Contest prep around 9 weeks out


We are a little under 9 weeks in prep for my first show this year. I haven’t competed in a couple years due to work, life and working on lagging parts. I’ve been a top national competitor since 2013. @Trengod can vouch for this! Time to rock the stage again and show these pussies what conditioning is all about. I haven’t posted anywhere that I’m competing so you guys and gals will be the only ones I’ll let in on my journey. I like to be the guy that people say oh fuck where did this fucker come from!! Sitting around 227 in the morning before fasted cardio.


You look great beloved…you are gonna do awesome. Are you going for the pro card or you are pro already?


Doing a pro am show have to requalify for national stage. I’m not a pro


you will…this year, i know


Legit bro, looking great, best of luck!


Those legs always get me bro. So pumped for you back in action. Please keep me updated.


Hahahaha @Fitraverthanks Bro. You got it I’m going to try and keep everyone here up to date.


I agree with @Fitraver your legs are fucking jacked bro. Outfuckingstanding!!


As strong as a oak tree brother looking solid and lean around the legs


I don’t have your leg size buddy but I am trying. Your forearms are SICK!!! Good luck… stay frosty.

May 2017


Hell yea bro you’re Lean. Looks good


Looking great


Or at least he was a 13 months ago :wink: you still that lean @SemperFi? You stay that way or run bulks too?


This is twice in one day I’m liking dudes legs, apparently my woman should be more worried about that the women I see at the gym


@John do you use an iphone by chance?


I am at 7.7% as of June 1. The lowest I have been is sub 6%. I don’t do things the way many do. I always maintain my BF% within a few % point (8-12%). I don’t do the traditional style bulking/cutting. I rather call it building mass or preserving mass. I am in this game for health, longevity and I am addicted to the sciences behind it.

I could never do what the guys that compete do. Just ask @PHD, @TrenGod or any other competitor, at any level, the sacrifices that must be made to progress. I just don’t think I could sacrifice the things required to reach that level… Besides I’m old. :wink: Their dedication is off the chart and truly to be elite you have to try and kill yourself without dying. :wink: My respect for anyone that can show that type of commitment to anything is well earned.

@PHD I wish you the absolute best and a lot of the members here are in your corner.


That’s going to be my style moving forward. No more big bulks for me. Well at least I say that until I crave 5500 cals a day again :joy::joy::joy:




@SemperFi thanks Bro I really appreciate that. It’s definitely a mind set to do what we do but I enjoy it and to me it’s really not that hard.


Looking bad ass brother! Sick wheels on you both! Im pulling for you man go out there and show these bitches whos boss hog!!! Best of luck man :facepunch:t2: