Construction in progress


If you experience any difficulties today its because @Bigmurph is doing construction to make the best forum available to everyone. It should only be a couple of hours.

1st The plan is to get each src there own category so you don’t have to go through 10000 posts to see and find a post you are looking for about a verified src also srcs will be able to communicate and answer questions faster and more efficiently

2nd will be changing a large amount of the names of our categories.

3rd im going to create YouTube videos that will be a tutorial so that everyone is available to use all the great features that ths layout has to offer because there is so much that I believe almost all members and srcs don’t know about them.

I will change other very small things to make the site much more user friendly.

Anyone has an idea please let me know. If I can do it I will.

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Construction went over the planned time I will also be on changing things today.
I might not be available until tomorrow if its an emergency let me know I will get right back to you


Video is a great idea. Being less computer savvy than my peers, I need all the help I can get. lol


If you want I can help you out with screenshots in a private message.
Im always here to help so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me or @SemperFi were both very dedicated to the members at


Cool deal