Concerns about cycles I see


Hey UG so I know we have a lot of new memebers. And I want to personally welcome each and everyone here. We are glad to have you all.

I’m starting to notice a lot of cycles being posted and I wonder where are these cycles coming from. I’ve been in this sport and game over 20 years and I have learned a lot and still continually learn daily. Some of these cycles scare me for people especially younger people.

With my plans I also offer guidance for cycles built on each persons soecific goals. If anyone needs help with diet plans and cycle layout feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you reach your goals and this also helps you learn more about your body and about gear and how to properly put a cycle together. Don’t always believe everything you see or
Read on the internet.

Hope you all have a great day and look forward to the new clients we are building here.


I’m with ya. I think its a combination of several things but the two main concerns for me is a combination of bad advice from inexperienced cyclers and newbies not being patient when it comes to cycling. I think some of these novices want to jump head first into this not knowing some of the possible consequences rather than taking their time to see how their body responds to exogenous hormone supplementation.



What would you say is one key issue with the cycles that you see? Dosages, combinations, length, etc.


Mainly combinations of certain drugs. I don’t think a lot of people truly understand how certain drugs work with others and certain ones just don’t go together. I think it’s a lot of internet protocols people see and because maybe this person looks good in a pic they think oh well if I use this cycle I’ll look like them.

This is one of the reasons I’m offering my services to the community to help educate people.


I learned late in life but not too late to make positive changes that using moderate doses of steroids that provide a synergic outcome is much more beneficial to the quality of the cycle and actual results than larger doses of poor combinations.

I just don’t like the idea of wasting my time on cycle… two steps forward, one step back.


One thing to remember is your body doesn’t decipher what drugs are what. The AR is a good ol’ peptide located on tissue. If your gifted then they are located on muscle, striated and less on prostate, cardiac. Etc. After all the very complicated actions we here about affinity. I’m working on a very understandable flowchart. This is why you here synergy or drugs working 1 +1 = 3. The goal is to not flood your body with 10grams of every drug or shotgun usage. Liver and kidneys have to get rid of xtra. More around for receptors on tissue where you don’t want it. So you train right eat right and take a lot of AAS. You will get results but with unnecessary side effects. There is a better way. Every “receptor” in the body has homeostatic mechanisms leading to agonists, antagonist, and even partial agonist/ antagonist tropic hormones, co factors etc. Those familiar with oncology know this well. More yo come


Looking forward to this brother im always looking for better more efficient ways to combine drugs. Ive learned a tremendous amount through many years of trial and error but def am open to knowledge from all areas especially from our vets :+1:t2: