Coming off deca and into tren a


Thanks guys. I’ll let you guys know how the switch works out


Check this out I went into my stash and found the real deal Tudca,Taurine

Its called URSOCOL SR 450MG
Ursodeoxycholic acid sustained release 450mg

Here are the pictures

I never had a chance to use them but I will after my next cycle because im going to use alot of orals.


Love Letro, the only thing that can completely reverse & destroy any signs of gyno even during a heavy cycle, & no it likely won’t reverse gyno that’s been there for awhile… I notice nolva significantly lowers igf levels by at least 50% anyone else experienced that?


Its true nolvadex does lower igf you can use torefine during a cycle to help avoid losing igf.
Dragon pharma has it in there lineup im not sure who else carries it.

I did research and have a post on the site about not using letrozole because it damages you to much trying to get rid of gyno.
I posted 3 pubmed studies of guys who developed gyno through trt and the doctors used arimidex and nolvadex and it shrank the gyno to basically nothing one was completely cured with aromasin and nolvadex.
The studies showed that it’s not the letrozole curing the gyno but actually the estrogen being lowered below range and then using nolvadex to attack the receptors.
It was interesting to read.
If you use the magnifying glass and search you should be able to find it.
Something like gyno don’t use letrozole
Is what I titled it awhile back now.
You can Google how to get rid of gyno and goto the pubmed results and you will find a couple of different studies.
Your right though once its set gyno surgery is the only way you need to catch it when it is onset gyno for it to work


Nice. Is there any domestic sponsors that carry those. I’ve been burnt to many times sending money across the pond.


Pm me we have a couple of sponsors who carry these but I want to talk more about it


Yea I know the Letro could be harsh if not used right, tried several things but for me personally letro @ 1/4 a tab e2d is perfect even on a heavy cycle, keeps estro nice in the low 20’s & any puffiness gets destroyed, also does wonders during pct, recover much faster with it… Obviously everyone is different so find what works best for you


Aromasin and letrozole are good for your igf levels that’s why some like to run them during pct but I could never do it. I would crash my e2 hard lol


I pm you