Coming off deca and into tren a


Running deca at 400mg a week for 4 more weeks then wanting to switch to tren a for 8 weeks. What kinda of sides to look for.


Have you ever run Tren before or are you asking because you’ll have 2 19-nor running together for a little while?


Yes. I ran tren before. And I’m asking because I’ll be dropping deca then right into tren.


I’ve never had to 19nor running at the same time.


I just wanted to make sure I gave you a solid answer without going through all the Tren sides you might experience lol. Basically the only thing you really want to be careful of is make sure you already got you AI dialed in and your estro is in check. I’m not gyno prone in the least but the only time I ever got a bit of a scare was when I was running Tren and switched to Deca. Its vice versa from you but still the same no less.


I’ve got tons of aromasion. Novladex clomid


The cycle I’m on now is. Test 400 deca 400 eq 600. 1 more week of androl at 75 Ed. The switch to test 600 tren 400 eq 600. Maybe var at 75 Ed the last 4 weeks.


Progesterone side effects and you should have caber on hand to combat them.
Some don’t even have issues others do.


You wouldnt need the clomid. I wouldnt use the nolvadex unless you start experiencing gyno symptoms.

Side note, be careful with that liver bro. Running back to back orals is going to destroy your liver. I ran Adrol 100mg ed for 6 weeks then switched to Dbol 30mg ed for 6 weeks and my liver is still trying to recover from almost 2 months ago.


It’s a 16 week cycle. There will be 8 week between orals. I might run it out to 20. Yes my liver hates me


I’ve been popping Tudca and milk thistle like tic-tacks


Lol. Yeah I’m sure it does. Do what you do though. I don’t hate lol. BigMurph brought up a good point. It’s a rarity to have progesterone related gyno at those doses but it could still happen. Not a bad idea to have some Caber on hand. My emergency pack always consists of Nolvadex, Letro and Caber.


Choline and Inositol bro. 3000mg a day for 4 to 6 weeks. I recently learned that and combined with 1000mg a day of Tudca my liver is finally recovering.


I’ll get a order in. Thanks guys


Where’s the best place to order the liver support.


Amazon. I use NusaPure Choline&Inositol and Element Nutraceutical Tudca. I also added some L-methionine which is great for detoxing the liver and fatty tissues. It also helps with hair growth and healthier skin if you’re prone to those types of sides.


You need to add taurine because that’s the T in Tudca
They have a synergistic effect

The real medication it mimics you can buy from multiple sponsors.
Shoot me a pm and I will show you who has it


I know that we have all had it drilled into our heads but real medical studies show that nolvadex and aromasin work better than letrozole because letrozole takes time to build up and is also so extremely harsh


Liver Protection

This is the real deal medication that and Tudca,Taurine mimic Ursocol or UDCA

Just click and I use the controlled release but others like the low mg version


Like @BigMurph pointed out, you will definitely want to get some caber. May not need it but would rather have it on hand instead of having to scramble. Only time I ever had any gyno issue is with deca and tren a. Caber and Nolva took care of any issue I had and now I won’t do any cycle involving deca and tren without Caber and Nolva on hand. Do realize though Caber is pretty powerful so use sparingly plus there are some really good side effects with Caber that you will llike :wink: