Coming Back After Injury


Coming Back After Injury

I recently came off a moderate shoulder injury (Oct '17) and I couldn’t help but see a big decrease in my overall strength. I realized that if I wanted to get back to where I was before my injury I had to go back to the very beginning. I had to get in the mindset of a novice. I had to focus on those things that created the strength that I possessed in the past. If I want to look the way I did before my injury I have to shore up the foundation that everything else is built upon… strength!

I began focusing on the Holy Grail of strength building exercises. Exercises that every strength athlete incorporates to becoming stronger. If I wanted to have the physique that I had before the injury I had to put that desire aside knowing in doing so I will get back their again. Strength was the foundation of my physique and strength will be its foundation again.

If I wanted to build strength I had to focus my energies on multi-jointed compounded exercises and avoid and/or limit my use of single jointed isolation exercises. This is where it all started for me and that is where I went back to.

To accomplish my goals I didn’t need to be Superman strong nor do I want to be but the reality I knew that increasing strength is the ONLY way to get back what the injury stole. I incorporated beginning multi-joint compound exercises with an intermediate level of experience. Call it a beginners routine with an experienced twist.

The next time you find yourself in a position of stagnation or you have an injury setback maybe revisiting where you started will help. For me it just happens to be compound exercises and that is where I found myself 16 weeks ago.

I am happy to say I made it back and in full recovery… I feel great at 5’10" 211, 7.7%BF and an adjusted FFMI of 28.14 on a strict TRT protocol. I lost a small amount of muscle mass from where I was last year at this time but I can regain that in time.

Never underestimate yourself… You have great potential and you are only limited by your own thinking. You might never be able to fly but it doesn’t hurt to believe you can fly. :wink:


AWESOME words of encouragement beloved


I’m really glad to hear that you’re healing up well. I know that when I ruptured my bicep it took me around 9 months to even be able to lift anything close to what I used to liift.
I only use lighter weight with higher reps but I have been pushing it harder to get back to strength training. I just have to l ow my limits and push forward slow and steady.


Thanks @Bigmurph. I got a vision for what I am going to do next. I have always had great success with TUT and I will probably head back over to his house to play. I now get the opportunity to look towards my overall symmetry. I am just thankful that I still have the opportunity to train and be part of a lifestyle I truly am obsessed with.

No looking back because we ain’t headed that way! :wink:


Coming back from injuries are definitely tough on your mental status. I’ve had numerous injuries over the years but after breaking a bone in my foot and being non weight bearing for two months limited me almost to an extreme. You ‘deal with it’ because you have no other choice so…I know its hard…but you have to make the best of it and always remember that someone else always has it worse.

When I was able to bear weight and get back to the gym and do upper body movements I then realized that I really don’t have it that bad. I then recognized that there were certain gym goers who workout with hand canes and few in wheel chairs. I had a temporary broken bone in my foot and these people have a condition(I know of one young lady who has cerebral palsy) that will last for the rest of their life. I considered myself lucky at that point.

My point is that you are correct in saying that ‘you are only limited by your own thinking’ but I now realize that it can always be worse and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do what I do…and…I try now not to take things for granted.