Closer to the election higher btc


Has anyone else been watching that every day ntc has been slowly rising as we get closer to the election. It dropped to around 6100 and has steadily climbed back up to just short of 6500 while writing this. I believe that if the Democrats take the election we could see a soaring price in precious metals and in bitcoin.

Let’s hope that bitcoin goes up no matter who wins the election. I would love to see btc +7000 again


I’m getting into it now. I really wish I would have started 5 years ago when I was day trading and received btc through trades. I should have fucking kept it and invested but I didn’t believe in the market value . I had 20grand in btc for a few weeks before I sold it at the exchange online


As of the past 24 hours it’s only gone up 1.64% (105.15$) not really to impressive to say anything drastic will happen


What is your thoughts on lite and eth? personally I think they have a lot more growth potential to make larger amounts. Bitcoin ship already sailed from nothing to over 18 then drop back to 6. Which of the new crypto will jump astronomically? All opinions valued. Hope all is well!


I was using litecoin, for a short period of time to minimize my loss incase of market fluctuations while charges were pending, but I feel that other cryptos go up and down based on what btc is doing, so if your playing the game I still think your profits will best be with btc and not LTC or ETH


I agree that is the current trend, however what happens if some sort of large public issue like hack, embellishment, or any type of hype media scare can sends one company tumbling and another soaring to the top. thanks for your response.


The same thing that always happens. Things that have real value maintain their value and things of perceived value decline.

In all honesty, crypto currency investing should not be treated like a legitimate investment but rather as a form of legalized gambling or maybe even a sophisticated ponzy scheme.

That is just my take and certainly not any investment advice.


True any media hype can throw it all in a whirl wind, I don’t really for see much happening anytime soon. The biggest challenge btc saw recently that I can remember is apparently satoshi nakimoto re emerged and started moving coins. This is unconfirmed but btc saw movement of millions of dollars that was in a dormant account that had been established around the time btc was formed. When that btc was being moved after being dormant for so long with so much value, the price of bitcoin dropped from around 7300 to about 5900. Im pretty sure that was around june 2018. Again bitcoin stabilized and came back up… as far as a hack I think other crypto is more susceptible to that than bitcoin


Well as of this morning bitcoin is down and so are precious metals.
I new this election was going to have this effect.
Bitcoin hopefully doesn’t keep taking a beating but silver is down 40 cents ouch.


Im going to look into this


Btc trend .is showing stable results. Granted it did spike during elections but for face value it wasn’t much considering what btc is capable of. I honestly don’t see in the next few months something happening unless you have millions in btc!