Cholesterol and Test/AAS Use



I’d like to think that the majority of us that use AAS and other compounds do our due diligence to educate ourselves. The fact is though, there are still a lot of people out there that rely on bro science and information from “that big guy at my gym.” It’s important to stay educated and to monitor your own health both on and off cycle. Things like getting blood tests before, during and after cycle are well-known but many people still don’t do them. Along those same lines, it’s important to monitor your heart rate, your blood pressure and your cholesterol while using AAS.

Through my experiences and research I have found that a lot of people are very unaware of the consequences to their cholesterol levels while using these compounds. Really, I believe it’s just do to a lack of wanting to know. I’m sure that many of you have looked up an individual compound on steroid dot com and you probably skip the majority of the compounds definition and go straight to dosing and side effects. Even in the side effects category, many compounds mention the risk of cholesterol alterations yet you’ll quickly skim through that part and just look to see if your balls are going to shrink and if you’re going to get acne.

" Self administration of several AASs simultaneously for eight or 14 weeks produces comparable profound unfavourable effects on lipids and lipoproteins, leading to an increased atherogenic lipid profile, despite a beneficial effect on Lp(a) concentration. The changes persist after AAS withdrawal, and normalisation depends on the duration of the drug abuse. Eight weeks of administration of nandrolone decanoate does not affect lipid and lipoprotein concentrations, although it may selectively reduce Lp(a) concentrations. The effect of this on atherogenesis remains to be established. "

There are many other articles just like this one.

The reason why I’m writing this is just to be informative and to educate you. I personally suggest a cholesterol check as often as you should get bloods done. You can use at home cholesterol test kits and ensure that you are properly monitoring and safe guarding your heart. I found a good article that covers many at home kits at different price ranges. Some are cheap and some not so much but we all have different budgets. I figured this was the best way to provide a large enough list to cover the price differences.


Great article, and I agree this is something we should all monitor.