Changed my src! Found new one from you guys!


I decided to change my src that I’ve heard alot of good things about from all you guys on here. Let me say that not once did I ever ever ever run into an issue with my original src. I just started questioning certain things, like possible under dosed product, sides, etc… once I got these ideas in my head I started worrying about all the little details of everything. Then I noticed things like minimum purchase went up (not that it would have an affect on my previous orders, because they were well over the original minimum order amount), then to finding out the src could possibly be the same src under a different ugl and possibly be trying to get a scam going on with one of the two labels(but that’s just me assuming), so after reading up alot around here at UGM , I’m going with somebody on here for my first time. Trying something new. I placed my order a few days ago and the process scared the sh*t out of me because it was out of my comfort zone with going threw a whole new process with somebody else! The src system did keep me up to date on everything that is going on, and then finally today had a great conversation or as I called it a “confidence booster” with this new src. Now with this all being said this literally has only been a few days, so I have not received the product yet to be able to tell you about it, but I can tell you im eagerly waiting for the mail coming starting around Monday! I’l keep you all up to date on the excellent customer service and product when this whole change of src thing is complete… just so excited to try something new, and hopefully all my worries about my old src just become a thing of the past, and this new one I can stick with for a long time coming. Everybody here at UGM has been a major factor im this decision so I’m sure i can’t go wrong!


Who did you order from here bro?


I went with @KodiakGrrl


Good choice!!


Im thinking so! What im curious about now is when this whole process of going with kodiak is finalized, how do we go about rating and reviewing on here with UGM? Or should I just keep everybody updated with this thread?


Just use this page and fill us in along the way, I will be following for sure!!


She has a category you make a thread there and give her a review.


Thanks @Fitraver I’ll do that, still got a ways to go, before all is said and done!


Glad your apart of the team bro. You’ll find it’s like a family here pretty tight, the mods look out for us a great deal. Hope all is well with your order get ready to be Jacked!


Good for you man @KodiakGrrl products looks real nice she def knows how to donit right! Hope the rest of process goes good.


Thanks alot @KingP, UGM has helped me change alot of things with the advice and expertise and experience everybody has shown and communicated with me about! Love it here


Everything’s been on point, feeling great about everything!


I’ve used her in the past, a couple times. Process was smooth for me and gear was g2g as well. As much as I’ve seen and read, it looks like she’s still doing just as well as back then! Enjoy the goodies!