Carbs depletion / carbs loading / water consumption cotrol


Last time i did this was 9 years ago and i used deplete carbs ( 0 gr ) Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before the show (on Saturday); then loading up Wednesday, Thursday and Friday go up to 300-400 grs / day…getting ready for Saturday morning weight in. Thursday, Friday and Saturday make sure there is no sodium at all in the food and very limited amount of water to drink…enough to survive.
That is how i used to do it, for this Sunday am gonna do something more simple: am eating 30 grs now, will deplete Thursday and Friday, will load up Saturday (400 grs ), limited water on Saturday; finish Sunday morning.
Anybody with personal experiences in this area…i know PHD, Fitraver and MTBJR1980 have done it


Check out layne Norton’s write up on peak week, or any guy with true scientific knowledge.




Check this link out brotha Dave Palumbo has a last week protocol if you scroll down through all the info. It might be very helpful


Very interesting, thanks


Put it on my reading list for the knowledge. Thanks for sharing.