Capping the delts after arms


Hit some arms and delts last night. I haven’t hit delts in months due to letting other parts catch up. Shoulders is one of my favorite workouts besides legs. I did a quick pump workout for them after arms. Give this a try as a finisher
Cable side laterals 4x25
Dumbbell laterals run rack up then back down. Really feel the lateral head don’t just go through motion tap into it 5lbx30 reps 10lbx25 reps 15lbx20 reps 20lbx12-15 reps then go back down same rep range
Cable high pull down for rears 4x25
Cable shoulder height or reverse pec deck 4x20



Looking sick bro!


Thanks Bro. 2 day refeed today and tomorrow should tighten up even more.


Big caps!!! That feed will feel good!


Getting grainy af, looking sick bro


I love running the rack. The pumps are sick. You are looking solid and I hope you are 100% on course to where you want to be. Thanks for sharing you hard work and dedication with us!


I am not drooling … and those forearms …


Hahahahahahah I’ve missed you here lol.


Looking damn good bro keep after it!


I ll try to stick around a bit more then :wink:


Hahahahaha awesome I’ll try to post a bit more :joy::joy::joy: