Cancer and UGMuscle!


Exactly 3 years to the date I was told I was completely cancer free after having my Thyroid removed and thankfully I was spared having to go through Chemo and/or Radiation. After a challenging year of feeling like shit trying to find the right dose for my replacement hormone I started feeling a little better but I always felt tired and run down, which is far from who I am. Finally after getting my Testosterone checked it was extremely low but Kaiser refused to give me a script which led me to a self prescribed TRT regiment which I have been following for the past 18 months.
Recently I posted a topic trying to get advice about staying on low dose testosterone and adding compounds. Unfortunately it wasn’t a popular topic… Thankfully I was able to message with a few different members and get some great advice. Thank you guys! Anyways after 18 months of low dose Test with a couple “blast” which is probably lower than others cruise I have gained 45 pounds and don’t have the body of a frog anymore. Below I’m going to post my cycle and a before picture. Plus I plan on posting blood work during the cycle and pictures of the progress.
Before I wrap up I just want to say I appreciate all the people on here. I’m sorry if you have some random dude messaging you! I feel like there is so much to learn and I haven’t even tipped the Iceberg. I teach elementary school and sometimes my kindness is portrayed as weakness, far more so by the parents but I always treat people the way I want to be treated and I prefer being nice of a douche any day. Cancer taught me a great lesson that I should never put my happiness in someone else’s hands… When I seeing something positive I feel like I should say something, so again I really appreciate the help I have received here and hope to continue receiving. The overall vibe of UG is great and I’m glad there is not a bunch of internet tough guys here trolling every post talking shit! Again, thank you everyone and please any tips or advice is always appreciate and I’m always open to discussions on any topic.
Thanks again,
Cycle Starting Monday: 20 weeks
*Shots taken together on TUE and FRI
Test E- 500 Millagrams a week
Equipoise- 400 Millagrams a week
Dbol- 50 Millagrams a day for 6 weeks
Letro- During Dbol
Adex- After Dbol
HCG- Throughout


Look good bro! Great place to start that cycle. Looks like a good plan overall. Congrats on beating cancer i just lost my best friend to a 5 year battle with leukemia. Fkn blows.
If you need anything from help to advice just ask we are all here to help my man. Good luck :+1:t2:


Fuck yeah bro. Way to beat cancer. Welcome to ugm. What are your plans diet/goal wise?


Damn MBTJR1980 I’m sorry to hear that! I appreciate all the support and advice you have thrown my way.


Thanks Fitraver! I really believe when used right and monitored correctly Anabolics can improve my quality of life long and short term. My goals are to pack on some nice clean weight while staying athletic as possible. I absolutely love bodybuilding but I also love to run and do yoga. Even on the Thyroid replacement my metabolism is awful but thanks to some advice from MBTJR I started weighing my food a few weeks ago and noticed a huge difference. I will be on a nice clean bulk, no processed foods.


Outfuckingstanding brother!! And don’t worry about the random messaging to dudes , I do it all the time to multiple veterans on the site, and their not bothered by it, everybody here is absolutely helpful in every way.


@GC1985 great post and it is great to see you are still in the fight. I put the Big C’s dick in the dirt twice myself so I can empathize with your battle. You pre-cycle photo is solid and you have a good foundation to build on.

With your current thyroid issues I could not agree more with a whole food diet. Look into avoiding foods that may hinder your metabolism like sugar, processed grains and soy.

Stay frosty…


Thanks bro I appreciate that and anything you need you can hit me up my bro


Great to hear you beat it not once but twice! Yes soy definitely has a negative impact on how my thyroid functions along with cruciferious veggies like Broccoli and Cabbage. Keep up the fight bro! Thanks for the feed back.


@GC1985 just a quick question about your cycle … If you are TRT and your serum levels are elevated I assume in the 900-1100 range why are you considering a dbol kicker? I ain’t against it at all. In fact when I used orals dbol was by far my favorite. Just curious about your line of thinking.

Also are you going to go with a split dose of dbol or all in one sitting?


Honestly I just love the way I feel on Dbol. Plus I feel like the workouts I get while I’m on it help me put on some extra mass. Obviously once I’m off it a lot of the size and strength will not remain but I feel like some of it can be maintained. My rationale my be incorrect… I also plan on splitting the dose to try and keep my blood levels level but with such a short half life that may not be possible.


Good lookin cycle, brother. Also, fuck cancer. Big props for beatin that!


looking amazing ans u say this ia a before pic?..u are going to look ridiculous. awesome drive and awesome you pulled through and about to get it done! looking forward to your transormation and reaching your goal.


Thanks man!


Yep I can’t wait to start on Monday. Just been cruising at a TRT dose for the past 6 months now.
The last “cycle” if you can even call it that was 12 weeks of Test at 300mgs a week and some Anavar at 50mgs the entire 12 weeks. Before I got sick Dbol was always my favorite so I look forward to this cycle.
I will forever be on TRT and will blast and cruise from now on. I look forward to continuing to learn everything I can here.


Should note that the next cycle I already plan on running Deca so I can compare it to the EQ. I always liked Deca and this is my first run with EQ.


Congrats on beating cancer man! I’ve lost 2 uncles and watched my mom battle it over the last decade so I know it’s tough. You have a great start bro, I think that cycle will do you well.


Thanks Islandswole! I’m sorry for your loses. Sending prayers your way and I hope your mom gets better. I know how hard it is to see a loved one struggle. My mom has been battling MS for years. Ever since I finished college I have wanted to move Philly but just don’t feel comfortable not being able to physically check on her every day. Thanks again for the kind words and I hope your mom is doing well at the moment.


I’m sure nobody cares but I want to apologize if some of my sentences are hard to understand. I use my tablet when I’m on here and I can’t stand how the predictive text changes things. As an educator it’s something I’m self conscious about. Again, thank you all for your comments and support!


Just a quick update. I’m sure it is all in my head but today is day two on 50mgs of Iron Junkie Dbol and I have felt extremely pumped all day since my am workout and have been looking forward to my pm workout like crazy.
Also I have decided to cut my cycle to 16 weeks because I will be out of town for Thanksgiving.
I will try to post blood work and cycle updates every 3 weeks or so. Thanks again everyone for the encouraging words. Also how the hell do I tag someone?