Canadian UGM Members - Why order with Canadian Made Labs?


Why order domestic shipping within Canada?

We encourage Canadian members to order domestic because there is little to no risk of seizures this way. All mail and packages shipped within Canada do not go through customs, therefore domestic mail cannot be seized. By federal law, domestic mail and packages can only be opened by the receiver.

Highest Quality Gear

Our gear is crazy clean and dosed to perfection. We go through hundreds a week for our Test products. All we get is people telling us how great it is. We use the most expensive oils so there is no swelling or pip. Be careful of adding a little too much alcohol to your batch as it would give you irritation. Our most popular products by far are Dynamic orals which are 100 count, where most labs are 50 so you get double for the same price. We have no problem giving discounts for repeat business, we can always work with your budget. Let us know we can send you anything you need.

Customer Service

We have customers that have been with us for over 7 years and constantly provide positive feedback on how we’re always on top of things. We are known for our fast processing and turnaround time, everything is shipped on the same day or the day after confirming your order - and delivery takes 2-3 business days anywhere in Canada. We ensure that you always get good margins on your end, and any issues that occur please let us know we will always make things right. We will never disappoint you, not one person in all our years in business has been let down.