Can I switch AI's in the middle of a cycle


Im using Adex right now .05 eod and want to switch to Aromasin any advice on whether to or not. The adex is ok but I like what im reading about the Aromasin…


Yes. No problem.


You absolutely can bro. Aromasin has a longer half life than Adex and is not as harsh on the system.


That’s one of the reasons id like to switch, also dont want estrogen rebound at end of cycle plus overall everything about Aromasin ive been reading…never ran it, already talking with a sponsor so now would be the time if im going to grab some…


You can switch just be careful aromasin or exemestane can cut back your estrogen levels by 85% with one dose so especially if you are going to take pharma grade be careful how much you take alot of guys post taking 3x a wk 12.5mg my estrogen levels would be in the negative unless I was taking 4000mg of testosterone and 100mg of dbol lol
Just ease into it start at a quarter tab a week 6.25mg the pharma grade are a bitch to cut so get a really good pill cutter it will be worth it.
If you order ugl caps you might need to take 12.5 2x a week. I always preach pharma grade pct/AI and I know that you have access so I would recommend the pharma grade and you will have to use less.
You can get through a whole cycle with 1 30 tab box and still have extra.
I actually have 3 bottles of natco that are exp soon because I thought I was going to have to take alot more now ive only opened one and its been over a year and I still have probably 10 left and 2 full bottles lol


My 1st post was about (sticking a needle in my ass and that was it) the adex im running .05 eod is from a reputable ugl sponsor. Now that I’m older and know my body better i think a pharma grade AI (Aromasin) may be a better fit for me., or at least I’m willing to spend the extra money and give it a try. Right now I’m just running Test 250 E 2× weekly and Prop 50mgs 2x weekly there’s no reason i should have to bump the adex any higher…


If its working there is no reason at all to fix something that isn’t broken right?