Bulk order available / Customization



Many bros come to ask if we can offer them oils in 20ml package, 30 ml package ,1L package, with label, without label, with their own lable, in a designated dosage or other special demands.
Yes, we can!
As an original manufacturer, we can meet your all sorts of demands.
We can offer you oils or semi-finished oils in 20ml bottle, 30ml bottle, or even 1L bottle.
We can offer you oils without labels or with your own unique labels.
We can produce oils or tablets according to the dosage you need.(only if it is viable on theory , then we can produce)
We welcome bulk order and
For more details, please contact our rep.
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SR is able to offer over 50,000+vials finished oils!!
Please contact me for your bulk need!
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This is our customization for client, we normal produce 10ml if you need 30ml we can also do that too!
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Nice job @srhealth-diana😍


semi-finished oil can be provided !! Please feel free to contact : [email protected]xekdh4


what exactly is semi-finished oil?


semi-finished oil needs re-filtered before using, it is cheaper than finished oil.


Newest batch of Anadrol-50, Nolvadex-25, Winstrol-20, Dianabol-20 and Superdrol-10 in stock.
Bulk price will be given if you purchase 4000pills. More competitive bulk price can be given if you purchase over 10000pills,20000pills,100000pills or more.
If you have an interest,please feel free to contact me!
[email protected]


Finished oils in buk!
Bulk price can be given for order over 200 vials. If you purchase more than 3000vials for each kind of products, more competitive bulk price can be given!
If you have an interest, please feel free to contact me!
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SR Health Tech is able to supply finished oils, oral tablets, HGH, etc in bulk for steroid dealers and dsitributors worldwide.
More competitive bulk price for your bulk order so as to help our partner gain more profits.
Safe delivery from SR Health Tech ensure you receive what you paid safely and smoothly.
Cutomization service available for your order in bulk: we can customize dosage, package, label,etc for you so as to help you promote your products!
Any questions, please feel free to contact me !
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