Breast milk, and body building


This is just a question that stems from @SemperFi thread for babies.
If you had the opportunity to have breast milk in your diet as a grown man doing daily exercise, do you think it’s beneficial to you?


@mommie2008@josh something tells me theres more to this question lol


Well first off I think it’s gross and disgusting lol.

Now to the answer. Milk in general is really not good for you. Dairy products puts a layer of fat on you. Do you see animals still drinking milk after they have reached a certain age?

Now to breast milk :face_vomiting: I’m very good friend with Brandon Curry. His wife had had god I think 4 or 5 of his kids. He use to make her pump her breast milk after feeding the kids and freeze it for him because of the igf in it and he would ask other pregnant women. His theory was that it helps
Babies grow why not him. That being said Brandon put on most his size since training in Kuwait so who knows. I personally wouldn’t do it because it’s just plain disgusting in my opinion.

To each their own. Lol. There is no secret potion out there just put in the hard work and quit looking for an easy out. That’s what I always say. Not directed at you


Nope just a question… also did a Google search on it to, nothing to support doing it, but people do seek it online to!


But im also not saying my wife hasn’t played a trick on me with my oatmeal!:zipper_mouth_face:


I think Brandon just has a fetish lol.

@josh yeah I know it comes up every so often but not something scientists would research much of lol. “Squeeze your breast milk for me in this shaker. Its for science.”


Is Kuwait some magical place? Haha


@PHD i had to laugh at your post.

100% agree that milk in general is not healthy or good for you. But we are also calling about pasteurized milk and who knows what’s put in it, just like the rest of our food…gmos, etc that cause illness

With that being said breast milk is 100 percent natural and pure…

Like Brandon, that was our thinking, if it’s extremely good for a baby because of the nutrients it’s pulling from the mother and can make them grow why not a grown man …


Not gonna lie, when my wife was lactating I definitely tasted it :joy::joy:. Taste wasn’t as gross as expected but the thought of it is pretty weird.


Y’all some freaks lol.

Brandon didn’t grow till he went to Kuwait. He was big but drinking all that breast milk didn’t make any noticeable difference I saw. Just get real
Igf (if you can afford it) and go that route.


What’s the big deal about Kuwait?!? Hah @phd the anabolic chicken? :joy::joy:


I will say any couple having a baby, the man had breast milk whether he knew it or not :joy:


Heard this wives tale for years. I ain’t about to put it into practice. Lets us know how it works out for you @josh … Stealing candy from a baby. Shame on you!


No, but I also don’t see them sticking needles in their butts either! Lol :rofl:
Sorry I had to


Ouch SemperFi… :wink:


Haha man, I was just curious about the taste!


Well when my wife put it in my oatmeal and asked me randomly throughout the day how my breakfast was, I knew something was up, there was a small scoop of peanut butter not mixed in the oatmeal which she usually does for me, and the oatmeal was absolutely more sweet tasting. So yeah not gonna lie it was good. But im also not talking about drinking a glass full of it!


Rough haha


That’s too funny


@josh @mommie2008 I found you!!!