BPC-157 log for Shoulder Pain



I’ve ran tren n deca no probs either but mixin to much of npp/deca don’t work for me


If I have to many sides, then I stop or make changes, not adding to many more drugs to combat other drugs where does it end


Day 7 done, 250mcg 2x. One more week and I’ll be done.


Day 8, AM pin done.

This is bullshit. Pain still there, no noticeable difference at at. Since I can’t prove the vials I have are fake, I’ll have bite the bullet and know that if it is fake, it’s a chance I took.


I don’t know much about these peptides but I would imagine, like anything else, it may take some time to feel noticeable changes. They are healing on a cellular and molecular level, I can’t believe that it would have you healed in 8 days


Agree - I’m just venting my frustration when I compare my results to the articles and videos I’ve seen about BPC157.


My mom’s doctor is going to be putting her on a BPC157 and TB500 regiment following her hemorrhoid surgery to heal faster. Her doctor has used this protocol in the past and still estimates no sooner than 4 weeks for healing. That’s compared to 6 or 8 weeks normally. I would honestly just give it some time man.


I have to ask is the shoulder pain from barbell bench press? Or is it just something that you feel all around with every exercise that you are using shoulders?

Also who was the sponsor that the bpc came from?


@Bigmurph The shoulder was killing me on BB or DB presses and also when I was doing DB front raises.

Funny thing though, after 2-3 sets it would completely stop hurting. But, by evening it was killing me to the point where I couldn’t take off my T-shirt without pain and couldn’t get a decent nights sleep.

The BPC was ordered from HUPharma.


Have you actually had it checked out and gotten and MRI? That could be a number of things. Just bad form, tendonitis, bursitis, torn labrum (likely small because the large you’d probably experience dislocation from time to time) could be anything without proper diagnosis man


@Berserker about 3-4 years ago I saw the doc. He diagnosed tendinitis and gave me a cortisone shot straight into the shoulder. It’s the exact same pain and location as before so I’m guessing I aggravated the shoulder again.

You’re right though, I should have it checked again for any of the reasons you mentioned.


I wonder if it’s the same issue recurring as well. Maybe the peptides will just take some time. Sure HUPharma’s customer service might suck ass at times but I’ve never once heard someone claim anything they sold was bunk or bad.


Agree. I want to be very careful how I word my frustration with this injury. Definitely not pointing fingers at any sponsor. If it comes across that way, my apologies.


No it didn’t come across that way to me. I was just saying that because personally if I had expectations of something and said product wasn’t meeting expectations I would likely first begin to blame the legitimacy of the product


Day 9 AM/PM 250mcg done. Very light pain still in left shoulder.


Light pain is at least tolerable


Day 10 AM/PM 250mcg done. Something about sleeping on my left shoulder is killing me. Apart from that, daily movement is virtually pain-free.


Have you looked into PRP/A2M injections? I was misdiagnosed with tendinitis in my right shoulder for over a year. Turned out to be a tear in my supraspinatus tendon and some slop in my ac joint. Took me 7 weeks on a wait list to see a specialist but I got diagnosed and had the A2M injection the following week. Still in recovery but it’s had a noticeable improvement in my shoulder position and range of motion. Two more weeks without weights and I’ll start back in low and slow.


This is all new to me but thank you for letting me know! Time to start a new search!

Glad you were finally diagnosed right! I know the feeling of trying to get back to the gym while waiting out an injury.


Sure thing, it’s the latest and greatest towards joint heath.(says the doc) Instead of pain management these injections actually heal the damage with your own blood. Crazy to think about. I just looked at it as the best alternative to surgery, the last thing I would want. If you have any questions about it met me know💪🏼