Bodybuilding Skin Preparation


I remember until 2010 i lived by the ocean in one of the most touristic areas in the country, gyms every where, 24 hrs open, everybody walks around without a shirt , body building contest everywhere…everybody workouts: South Beach Florida. I remember been absolutely and totally hairless ( shaven) with a great tan all year around. I shaved my upper body at the end of my 1st cycle after 8 years clean, that was last January, and that is all I have done in a long time for bodybuilding skin preparation. I don’t leave in South Beach no more so forget about the tan and i have hair everywhere…well all that is about to change. Do you guys keep up with tan and hairless skin ?


Yep. Although literally yesterday I just cancelled my tanning membership. Decided it was time to be healthier and quit caring about that aspect.


I don’t so much tan as burn to a crisp and become whiter somehow lol. So spray tans will be a must however I do keep the hair trimmed down. Seems I look more defined without the hair.


Not shaving anything but my head, ever… I am outside a lot so that’s as far as my tanning goes, ha ha shirts off of course.




@Pastor I tan regularly due to slight eczema except during the summer. I tan quickly because of my heritage (type III). I do not shave but use a hair removal product called Magic Shave and it works great on the ENTIRE body. No razor burn and no ingrown hairs afterwards. 7-10 minutes and then simply scrape it off with a credit card under a warm shower… Done! The longer you use it the easier and finer the hairs become.


I need to look this up.


@Fitraver $1.93 a can at Wally World. Mix it to the consistency of pancake batter. Spread, dry and hit the shower with a credit card and scape the hair off. Don’t get it on fabric because it can bleach it.




@SemperFi I got some. Test spot didn’t seem to work really at all. Wondering if I didn’t put it on thick enough. Do you do it so thick that you almost can’t see the skin?


@Fitraver correct. Leave it on until it dries. 7-10 minutes.


@Fitraver Did you get the powder or the cream? The cream is crap.


Mother fucker lol. The cream. What’s the power?!?


@Fitraver Let me breakout my crayon. :wink:


Lolol okay I’ll get this instead. Glad the stuff is cheap. Didn’t waste much.

How much of that 2 tablespoons it says to mix with do you apply? Will that work for my whole chest and abs? @SemperFi


I use 3/4 of a can to do arms, shoulders, chest and abs.

Combine with HOT water to mix to the consistency of pancake batter. If you use cold water it will take forever to mix.

I don’t buy it online. It is cheaper at Wal-Mart.