Body Transformation Bodybuilding Competition Contest


Is this the big thing that @PHD was telling us to keep our eyes open for?


Yes it is.


Is there a link to explain it…or still in works.


Still making finally touches. @SemperFi is really putting a lot into thisnfor everyone. Younall will be super impressed


It’s corrected SenperFi. Good morning UG


Good morning back at you @GlycogenGuy its rise and grind time


I’m heading up to NW NJ to scout a new hunting spot. Can’t wait !


New Wark? Are you hunting meth heads :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hahaha Newark is Crack and Heroin. Meth isn’t big in NJ. That’s a big everywhere else but NE.


Just across from the Meadowlands. They hunt at night because the deer glow in the dark from the toxic waste. :face_vomiting:


Hahahaha too funny. I was just up in NJ for work. Flew into Allentown Pa. I forget name of town we were working in. Big Joahanna dairy plant there


I lived in Cornwall, NY back in the late 80’s. Believe it or not NY and NJ is pretty rural and has a large population of deer. Beautiful country… especially in the fall.


I know it’s crazy. Pretty redneck also l especially up northern Ny


Deliverance … LOL


SemperFi “squeal like pig” lmao NJ has some very beautiful land outside of the city. I love it! I get 1 whole dear made into jerky. Great protein snack.


I think you were in Flemington. Nice area kind of rural. I’m all the way northeast. Not far from Newark the shit hole.


So do the disposed bodies


Lmao NJ is shit. Idc where you go in the state, smells like a toxic wasteland


Completely 100% false. I’m sure you know the NJ Turnpike and thats where it ends.


Haha bro I’m talking shit, NJ is a beautiful state outside of that area. I grew up in Brooklyn, you know I gotta talk shit :joy: