Body Transformation Bodybuilding Competition Contest


That honestly means so much more than you know.



Prize pool has now increased to $2100 in service discounts and products! We have exceeded our goal. :+1:

PLUS we have secured a purchase discount from several UGM sponsors for ALL members throughout the duration of the competition.

Stay tuned… We are getting very, very close now!



I’m blown away by this. This is truly amazing how everyone has stepped up to the plate.


This here is a very intelligent individual who never(as far as I know ) never stops asking questions which is prob why he has made good gains since we have been around UGM. That and those mad dance parties, no raves , with the free love and stuff…:grinning:


Really looking forward to this!


2 days til rave time!! :wink:


Holy crap! Keeps getting better! You guys are rocking this thing out!!


Be patient gang. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. We are still working to increase the prize pool so that we have as many winners as possible. There will be a Grand Prize package and several runner up packages so far. Plus we have two Partner Sponsors, one international/one domestic, that will be offering a special discount for every UGM and AD member. Both of these sponsors are highly rated within and outside our community with a long track record. Personally, I have never seen the domestic sponsor run a sale so we are very grateful to them for making a special exception just for the UGM family and this event.

Stay tuned…



Looking forward to it!


My interest in this is growing…


Semper check your email brother


SemperFi I sent it back you.


I can tell this is going to be amazing. Thanks for putting this together @SemperFi.



Ok. We are shutting the doors with a total prize package of $2350 including service discounts and in store credits for the winners. Yes… I said winners.

I will announce our participating Sponsor Partners who will be offering in store credits to the winners and some offering promotional sales discounts for ALL members during the competition process.

The Sponsor Partners for this event went out of their way to provide the very most that they could provide for this event. We decided when we started this that it needed to be a winning situation for everyone and at no time would we take advantage of anyones generosity. In spite of this the sponsors on UGM all went above and beyond so that they could be part of this event.

Getting close… stay tuned.




@members this event is in all inclusive and available to all UGM members. It is not restricted to age, gender, fitness level or goals. We took great effort into providing a promotion that would provide anyone and everyone what they need in their tool box to achieve their 2019 goals.

Whether you are a competitor or new to fitness this is a promotion that you can benefit from.

We will be putting all the finishing touches on this through the weekend and will be making the official announcement with the promotion timeline, rules, and entry submission procedures in the coming week.

On behalf of the UGM staff I would like to thank all of you for your support, participation and commitment to UGM. Without you there is no UGM.


SemperFi. Check email



Wrong size :grimacing:


That’s what she said