Body Transformation Bodybuilding Competition Contest


So excited… this is gonna be awesome


Guys you are all going to love what @SemperFi is putting together for everyone. He’s gone above and beyond for the UG family. When you all see what he’s putting together for prizes for this contest you will all thank him


Is there a deck of cards as part of the winning package?! Hahaha sorry I had to.

I love that you guys have become all buddy buddy now. This will be awesome for the board!!


Lol I’m going to throw the deck at you lol. We always been buddy buddy we just hackled each other. I was in prep at the end and I took it too far. We are all good thought.





Most of you are used to my quotes by now and I thought this one fits well with what we are trying to accomplish.

“I tell you, you forget. I show you, you remember. I include you, you understand.” - UNKNOWN

When we all came together and decided to launch this event we decide that we were going to do something a lot different then to simply provide free ‘gear’. The free gear promotions are great and welcomed but they are missing a key element to make them truly beneficial to the recipient and that is where we see this event to be special. Our top priority was to provide access, through Titan Training by @phd, so everyone could have the same opportunity to be included in the process of using a UGM Verified Trainer who is actively competing at very high level. In this process you will learn what you need to do about nutrition, training, supplementation and cycle planning to achieve your goal. When you are included in the process you will UNDERSTAND. This gained understanding will allow you to carry forward a new found appreciation to achieve future goals.

Even know PHD understands the importance of having a trainer assist and even mentor him along the way. He himself is still using one today. :wink:

Our second priority was not to provide everything for ‘free’. There is nothing wrong with free stuff but we realized for something to be truly appreciated it would require a minimal investment by those who wish to participate. This minimal investment will help the participants see the true value in what they are receiving. We are not doing this to make a buck. In fact, UGM is not receiving any monies for this event and some partners will be taking a loss for the benefit of all UGM members.

This event is for the serious minded who choose to post a qualifying entry. We do not want anybody to be disappointed so understand this is not an opportunity for those who are looking for something for nothing. It will require a small invest for the opportunity to win big. Big in prizes and big in returns as you press forward to your 2019 goal.

For those who are not so serious minded, simply poor timing or just choose not to make a minimal investment they will also have an opportunity to support and follow those who have. Iron sharpens iron and the particpants will need your support.

Our third priority and one that is as important as the other two. We wanted everyone to able to celebrate in the success of others and maybe learn something themselves along the way. Our winner(s) will be posting training logs on the UGM sister site Anabolic Development. Anabolic Development is a site that is intended to be slightly different than UGM. UGM is more inclusive. Where Anabolic Development is more focused for those interested in competitive bodybuilding.

UGM is in its infancy and we hope special events like this one will assist in making it a place for more people sharing the same passions can call home. We have only just began to get a taste of our true potential as a community.

Stay tuned. There is more to come soon!



It takes money to make money. Please tell me we as UGM are not going the direction I think we are or anabolic development for that matter. But I only get one vote…maybe I pissed all over myself with excitement.:grinning:


That is a great idea and something I thought of suggesting. Count me in.


@rnmuscle and which direction would that be?


Are we able to utilize @phd and his Titan training in this contest?


Services offered by Titan Training will be the personal investment requirement to submit a qualify enyry but because he has limited spaces I encourage you to submit an entry as soon as the contest rules and submission thread is posted or secure his services prior to contest launch which is October 1. Winners will be determined by third party random drawing of all qualified entries. One entry per member.

I will post prize packages very soon and recognize our partners and partner sponsors.

More detailed information will be provided soon.



Haha all in good fun bro. Prep can turn even the nicest into Mr grump haha.


Am I reading that right that in order to be in the Comp you have to be enrolled in titan training?



Prize pool has now increased to $1850 in service discounts and products.

PLUS we have secured a purchase discount for ALL members throughout the duration of the competition.

The generosity of those who have chosen to participate with UGM is overwhelming and impressive!

Stay tuned… this ol’ dog is on a hunt for more!



Yes that’s part of the contest


Titan Training Services is the foundation to provide the highest rate of return to the winners… yes… there will be multiple winners. :wink:

We are serious about helping members achieve their goal in 2019 and Titan Training is a mandatory service for all those who want to submit a qualifying entry.

This is a ‘no bull shit’ deal. @PHD has really stepped up to the plate and offered a 40% discount for all members PLUS he is offering a special credit (a $250 value) available to anyone based on payment option.

UGM and PHD wanted to reward those members who choose to take advantage of this discount in some way… we just took it a step further by putting together this event and grow our membership at UGM in the process… everybody wins!


In all honesty you guys are doing a really big thing here. Much respect brother
I appreciate everything that you @PHD and all the other sponsors have come together to do. This is more than just a great opportunity to our members its a gift towards where they want to be.



Im curious about this also???


Insinuations can cause misunderstanding. :wink:


Without your support @Bigmurph this could not be what we want it to be. There are proven formulas for success and in this case you serve a specific purpose of voicing support from a position of site authority.

For everyone who does not know the history in this… when we began planning @Bigmurph delegated all planning and implementation to others so he could spend his time in the all important area of site support, sponsor vetting and site policing.

He put great trust in others to handle this event so that he could remain committed to the UGM site principles.

Thank you BM for all that you do. It is a thankless job sometimes but it does NOT go unnoticed!